In the car.

''Its your dad'' my uncle said cautiously.''He's had a heart-attack''. I suddenly felt dizzy. My sight started to blur. I immediately knew he was gone. I didnt have to ask. They kept telling me they were sorry. What good was their apologies? My dad was gone, never coming back. Pulling out of the school I started to cry like a baby. My aunt held me into her chest as my whole world fell apart. 

Every thought filled my head. When did it happen? Where was he? What happened? My aunt started to cry too as she held me close. Driving the usual route home, I stayed under the wing of my aunt. I remember feeling sorry because my eye make up was getting over her nice top.

Suddenly I tried pushing her off but she held me tightly. I felt this urge to look up.I needed to look up.  ''Where did it happen?'' I shouted breaking free of her hold. I looked outside to see the field with the white tent. My uncle told me to look away but I couldn't.  I looked out the window into the field. It was weird. I knew at that exact moment thats where he had died. Then I saw his red car. How come I didn't see that in the morning? My uncle sped up the car. Again I let out a cry.

Two minutes later we came to my road. There was a lot of cars parked outside my house. I hopped out of the car as everyone stared. The people outside said they were sorry. I walked into my porch and saw my mother. She looked like she was in so much pain. Her whole word was gone too. She hugged me tightly and we stayed there for a long time as far as I remember. 

The next part was the most heartbreaking thing for me. My uncle and aunt left to pick up my younger siblings. Aishling - who was only 9 and Audie only 12.

The End

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