Dont know what you got til its gone.

Just a little story. Felt like writing...

I remember parts of that day really well. Others not so much. The day started out normal and had no particular potential. It was only under two years ago that this happened. I remembered the feeling I had in my chest , a feeling that was indescribable. To say the least it felt like someone had taken a knife and pierced it through my fragile heart. 

I was 15 years old and happy. Not a care in the world really. I had it all , only I didnt know it then. I had a great family and amazing friends. I know now thats all you need to be happy. 

We were on the way to school that cold thursday morning when I saw what looked like a white tent set up in a field. There were police cars around and ambulances too.  I asked my mom about the white tent. She said more than likely someone had crashed and thats were they were. We were running a bit late so my mom hastily pushed past the field. I didnt think about it again. 

I was in my third class when my name got called to the office. It was a pretty big deal for me as me name never got called over the intercom before. When I went to the office I was greeted by my uncle and aunt who were talking to my principle. Immediately I knew something was wrong. They way they were acting was weird. They told me that I was leaving school so I had to go back and get my bag. 

My geography teacher asked if everything was alright to which I replied yes. I had a sick feeling but I was still okay. Walking out to the car park my uncle and aunt were silent. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind. I wondered what was wrong. I asked them but they didnt reply.

When they stopped at a black jeep I looked confusingly at the car. This wasnt there car. Something was definitely up. When I hopped in to the back seat  my aunt hopped in beside me. I asked again what was going on. My aunt and uncle exchanged glances and then my uncle began to talk . . .

The End

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