Chapter 2

      After school, we go to Tori's house and we watch our favorite movie, Spirited Away. As we watch the movie, I lay down on the couch using Victoria's lap and a pillow. She smiles and strokes my hair and, before long, I fall asleep.

      "Nyx? Nyxia? Babe, wake up." I groan and cling to Tori's leg. I hear her giggle and then she says "Food time." I jump up and race off into the kitchen. Tori laughs and follows me. I wrap my arms around her waist and ret my head on her shoulder. She kisses my cheek softly then we run over to fill our plates with all our favorite foods.

      After we eat, we go to her room and I hop on her bed. she tackles me and then, slowly, we move our faces close and kiss. Our very first. It's like a dream...


The End

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