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                                                  Chapter 1

       My pulse races and a sensation of excitement and nerves pass over me as I open my mouth to speak. A beautiful blonde haired, green eyed, petite girl smiles at me with that familiar smile that always takes my breath away.

      "Hey, Nyx! What's up?" I feel my body grow warm and my cheeks turn bright red.

      "Hey, Victoria, umm..." My eyes look all over her body, from her smooth legs, to her small, girly hands, to that amazing face that I love so much. "I was wondering if you'd... like to be my girlfriend?" As soon as I say the words, I look down to the floor and start to fiddle with the hem of my skirt. She giggles and guides my head up with her soft, gentle hand. I see her smile.

      "I'd love to be your girlfriend." She takes my hand in hers and pulls me into a hug. My stomach flutters and my heart pounds with happyness. Tori has been my best friend for years.One year she took a vacation to Florida and I spent a lot of time with my gay cousin.When she came back, she confided in me that she was checking out all the girls. We found out, that year, that we are lesbians. After that, we hit the starting age of breasts and bodies with shape and she got all the attention from guys and the few other lezzies in our school. I've only have ove girlfriend. She'd had four. Finally available, I decided to ask the girl of my dreams to be mine.

The End

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