Part 3Mature

Three heads whipped round to see who had burst in on them, apparently they had forgot that this is in fact a public school bathroom and it didn’t belong to them. It wasn’t the three girls throwing death stares at me that made me forget my present sickness; it was the girl on the verge of tears sat onto of the toilet that did it. Two of the girls were standing on either side of her, making sure she couldn’t leave with the cubical door open so the third girl could watch and taunt the scared crying student.

“Maybe now you’ll think – Who the bloody hell are you! Can’t you see I’m busy here, get lost!” the third girl standing a few feet from me and switched her attention from her prisoner to me. Their prisoner turned her pleading eyes to me, silently begging me to save her.

“I don’t listen to bullies.” I stated straightening up from bursting in on their torture scene.

“Then you should start listening, everyone does as Whitney says.” one of her goons chipped in. I took a moment to take in the girl before me and I’m guessing that she was Whitney. She had on some designer trousers complete with a matching top and a half coat thing...I have no idea what its name would be, I’m not that fussed over clothes and fashion and all that...stuff. I noticed that their prisoner’s clothes, well what remained of them that is had been the same ones this Whitney person was wearing only this poor kid’s coat had been completely drenched and left in wet pile at her feet though my intrusion had distracted the two from continuing further. The girl could barely hold back her tears, I had no idea how long she had been stuck in here, forced to listen to anything her captors said to her. The two girls stood beside her began snickering to themselves, enjoying every moment of their torture scene.

I wasn’t counting on this. I had planned to escape into the bathroom not be put in the role I was now, I had been running away from this...the girl risked another glance at me more than likely checking to see if I was still there or if I was getting ready to add to her humiliation, her red eyes burned into mine still pleading with me for some form of help...

I saw his eyes glaring into me, daring me to challenge him, he had wanted me to fight back, to try and stop him, to force him to focus on me instead of her, to knowingly put myself in his way. My eye’s landed on her curled up body on the ground as she found the courage to lift up her head and look at me.

“Please....” the girl sobbing brought me back to reality, I was still standing in the girl’s bathroom and he was nowhere in sight...why could I still smell his sweat, it felt like it was blocking my nose and pushing its way down my throat, making my nausea return threefold forcing me to double over. I instantly gripped my arms, my hands touching the same place his had been and it was only until I brought myself to actually look did I know for sure that no one was holding me back. It felt like it was blocking my nose and pushing its way down my throat, making my nausea return threefold I couldn’t stop myself from doubling over.

“Well since you’re bowing down to me I guess I can overlook this little incident.” I heard Whitney’s voice sneer above me. I need to reply, to stand back up but stomach feels like it’s being tossed all over the place and I had no idea why but the pale white tiles on the ground seemed to zoom towards me, the white blurring into darkness.

*   *   *   *   *

My hair was bothering me, I could feel it brushed over my eyes and after opening them slightly all I could see was my hair...I must be exhausted, I can barely lift up my arm to brush my hair aside, there’s no way I’m this tired. I moved my arms again and could feel something pining them down. Something or someone was holding me down...I-I can’t get up! I kicked out at the force holding me down and felt it shift off my arms, I quickly thrashed out, pushing my advantage I had to get away from him. I don’t want to be controlled anymore!

Pain shot up through my wrist my left arm hit something cold and hard and felt it wobble slightly, that thing must be keeping me down in some way!  It didn’t feel very strong when I hit it, I could try and break it. I focused all my strength into getting rid of that rail, ignoring the pain I got back for hitting it. It worked! I heard it click out of place and all the weight pinning me vanished instantly as I kicked out again. I heard someone shout for help and the next thing I knew a woman was grabbing my arms and holding me back down.

“Let go of me! Get away I can’t – this isn’t right! Somebody help me!” I yelled, struggling with all my might to weaken her grip except this woman was surprising strong I hadn’t been able to do anything more than squirm under her grip. A sharp stinging sensation pierced my right arm that caught me off guard entirely.

“Hey what was that?” I shouted, seeing another women withdraw from me side, where the hell had she come from, my looked fine but whatever that woman had done stung like mad and I couldn’t even rub the pain away thanks to the first woman still pinning me down and stopping me from moving an inch. “You can’t do this, somebody help me!” I screamed as my vision started to blur, the woman’s face above me started to look fuzzier as the outline of her face was being attacked by a strange haziness that was also overtaking my mind as well. I tried desperately to break out from under her grip but I could barely feel my arms there was no way I had enough strength left  to free myself...they must have drugged me...I had – had to fight it.

*   *   *   *   *

If at all possible my head felt even heavier than it had done and after cracking open an eyelid I saw the same greyish ceiling above me. My throat was utterly parched and my lips were bone dry too. I threw a quick look around the room taking in my surroundings, it was simple plain white tiled room, a small simple TV was suspended from the ceiling titled perfectly so that I could watch it without having to sit up and there was some sort of computer monitor system but it didn’t look like it was turned on. Everything clicked into place, like someone had flicked a light switch on inside my head; I’m guessing I was in a standard room either way I was currently on a hospital bed.

The was an empty chair beside my bed and no sign of anyone actually waiting for me to wake up either, no one around to tell me how I had even gotten here in the first place, the last thing I remember was being in the toilets with a group of girls, some girl called Whitney had ganged up on someone else. Dread filled me as I remembered I had buckled under the weight of a mere memory...a memory had stopped me dead from helping that girl. No wonder I was alone. I wasn’t worth anyone’s time to worry about.

I want out of this place; I wanted to get back to some sort of familiar area away from people, an image of my small one room dingy flat apartment crossed through my head...suddenly I didn’t feel to comforted at the thought of having to dash by the managers room before he poked his big fat nose around the door to see who had returned to the building. I caught sight of a nurse making her way past my door and called out to her, stopping her dead in her tracks and she nearly dropped the clipboard she was holding.

“How’d I get out of this place?” I asked, starting to get up and out of the hospital bed, by the look on her face I’d say she thought I was trying to walk on water as she rushed towards me. “I’m fine” I told her, pushing her fretting hands away from me, “I must have fainted or something and brought here now how do I get out – no don’t say anything else just point me to the exit.” I stated before she tried to convince me back into the bed, which the woman did anyway. “Fine I’ll just go to reception and discharge myself then.” I sidestepped her attempts to get me back onto the bed, knocking her clipboard from her hands as I did, it was low trick but it bought me enough time to slip out of the room and dive into the nearby toilets to avoid any suspicion from the others walking around the hallway.

I used this time to see how I looked – my usual reflection stared back at me, hair even more of a mess from lying down for however long I’ve been here and just for the heck of it, I splashed some cold water over my face, feeling it trickle down my neck, sending cold shivers down the back of my spine too and counted to 10, tapping my finger for each second on the sink before me, 10 seconds should be more than enough time for the cost to be clear for me to make it to the reception area without being caught and put back in a bed or sedated. I rubbed my arm where they had stuck a needle in me after I first woke up, annoyed that such a thing piece of equipment had such a powerful jab to it.

I poked my head round the bathroom door preparing myself to dive back in just in case though no one shouted or screamed out ‘There she is!’ and tried to lunge at me so I allowed myself to exhale and continue breathing though my body and mind were still locked in alert mode, muscle tightened and ready to spring in the opposite direction should anyone approach in a manner I didn’t feel comfortable with. I must have gotten lucky as no nurses or doctor people were running around searching for a missing patient although whatever luck that got me to the reception area ran out as soon I gave my name, the doctor who had examined when I was brought in was summed to my side and he started rambling on in his techno language, asking questions about how I was feeling – I told him what he wanted to hear in order to get out of there without staying longer in the white halls although I had to make up a few lies about who I was staying with, it didn’t matter, the phone number leads to the right people anyway so it was only a little white lie....well hell, it was a lie but they didn’t need to know about my personal life or what I did with my life for that matter.

Must have been like an hour later or felt like an hour later when I was finally freed and allowed to escape that overly clean place along with that antibiotic smell mixed in with the scent of an old people’s home – my nose was very relieved when the sliding automatic doors closed behind me – a blast of winter wind surged through my body, filling my lungs with icy air and I kinda wanted to go back inside of the hospital just to keep warm though the idea of being questioned by the overly eager doctor yet again squashed out any ideas of returning to the sterilized building.

I pulled my hood over my head once more and started walking out of the hospital car park making sure to weave in and out of the maze of parked cars, sliding through the gaps to avoid the path and random strangers for as long as possible. What with the day at fully packed school and hospital, I’ve reached my quota for being around crowds for the day...huh! At that point I had reached for the strap of my bag to find it not there; I knew the hospital would have given it to me as I left so it must still be lying in that school corridor – no wait, the cleaners would have moved it. Perfect I’m gonna have to spend my morning hunting for my bag and quickened my pace back to my apartment feeling more insecure without being able to hold onto something, my arms unsure of what to do, it felt odd, I’d always had that bag with me whenever I had to go somewhere, guess that’s the problem with security items once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Apart from adjusting to having swinging arms like the rest of the herd I had no problems getting from the hospital back to my flat in one piece without causing any major or minor disasters and my one bit of luck for the day was that the manager was either out at the time or he hadn’t heard me since his door didn’t crack open an inch allowing him to spy on however just entered his building. I was able to get upstairs to the second floor with no threats of getting his usual greeting and made it to my room, making sure I locked it behind me while placing that little chain lock across it as well since I had no plans to go elsewhere and I wasn’t expecting or wanting to see anyone else. I was officially done for the day.

Of course after kicking of my trainers and letting myself flop backwards onto the old looking sofa ready to just sleep away the rest of the day when my stomach growled. My passing out made me miss my school lunch. I can’t believe in a situation I needed to keep my cool in the most and I pass out, dam I can’t even remember if that girl got away alright. I doubt that Whitney character would have stopped laughing long enough to call for some sort of help. I’d have to remember to find that girl and thank her I thought after dragging myself back to my feet to shuffle over through the broken kitchen doorway, the door itself was barely still attached to its hinges.

The only two cupboards that were above the counters were empty apart from a jar of jam and a few packets of noodles, one of which I grabbed and began heating up hot water. Being so close to the fridge made me wonder what I actually had left in there. Oh lucky me, half a pint of milk and that frozen dinner meal I had been saving for the past two weeks, I really should just break down and have that but I was hoping to have it on a really good day or more than likely when things were so bad I needed a little bit of something good to cheer myself up. Today did not really fit into either of those categories so it got left in the small freezer compartment of the fridge for another time and the noodles were made, eaten and done with.

Only half the day had actually passed and part of me thought I should have returned and finished my first day at school but I didn’t want to go back, not right now anyway. My head felt heavy and I could just about keep my eyes open, those flashbacks drained a lot of my energy. A wave of coldness oozed through my body as I recalled my earlier memories and still lost wondering why I was affected so much earlier, I myself wasn’t in any danger; physically I had been perfectly safe in the corridor with Sally. The conflict had been in my head alone, nothing outside of myself had made me faint. So not only did I know how weak I am mentally I’m guessing Whitney has told the entire school as well...something else to look forward to coping with tomorrow, giving me all the more reason to sleep this day away.

I had let myself fall back onto the sofa but I couldn’t escape the feeling I was being watched. The only window had blinds blocking any view inside or out plus I was on the second floor of a building so unless someone had leant how to fly or sprouted wings lately no one could be outside looking in still I couldn’t help but sit up and check that no one was gazing into the room even with that confirmation, stretching out across the sofa left a feeling of being too exposed. I ended up drifting off curled up in a tight ball buried beneath my blanket.

The End

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