Never AgainMature

I stopped immediately when I heard Nina's scream. Everything in my body was screaming at me to run, but I knew I could never leave Nina with him. 
"Aaron, stop!" I cried out, but I knew he wouldn't listen to me. So I ran up to where Aaron was dragging Nina away and I knew my eyes were a pure black colour right now. I stopped in front of them, and Aaron stopped as well. He held Nina with her hands behind her back. I looked Aaron in the eyes, and I could feel both fear, and anger. Fear, that I knew it was Aaron who was the only one who could control me when I was like this. And anger, because I wanted to kill him right now for hurting me and Nina.
Aaron let a big grin cross his face, and he used only one hand to hold Nina's arms behind her back while he used the other hand to touch her cheek.
"What?" He asked, "Does this make you hate me?" He smiled again, and reached into one of his pockets to take out a knife. He gently placed it against Nina's cheek, and she cringed as the blade touched her skin. 
"Release her!" I commanded, but he just stood there, smirking.  

I raised my hand, palm facing up and a streak of shadow stretched across the room until it reached just in front of Aaron. He still didn't move, and only pressed the knife more into her skin until she bled. I flexed my fingers slowly into a fist, and the darkness started creeping up Aaron's leg. He then released Nina.
"Nina, run!" I told her. 

The End

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