I kept my ear to the door the whole time that Paige and Aaron ad been talking . Fear ran through my whole body I was scared . Not for myself , but for Paige .  I glared down at the door knob which basically led me to my own personal hell . I grabbed a hold of the door knob and turned it quickly and calmly . "Stop! Aaron , " I yelled staring into his eyes . Aaron gave me this look . This look telling me one word . Run . " Nina , you shouldn't be here , "  Paige kept repeating over and over again . For each and every second my eye's had stayed on his face my heart skipped a beat . Nothing scared me like Aaron did .  I grasped onto Paige's hand and I pulled her towards me and we both began heading for the stairs , but Aaron had followed us . My heart raced as I tired to keep up with the speed of  Paige . " Come on ! Hurry ! " Paige screamed .  Paige let go of my hand and just as I was about to go down the last step Aaron had pulled hard on my tied back hair . I yelped in pain . " Let go ! " I yelled in pain . Aaron pulled so hard he began dragging me up the stairs just from my hair .  I was hoping that Paige wound abandon me and leave , because then I knew for a fact . I wouldn't live to see tomorrow . 

The End

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