Chapter 8Mature

As we neared the entrance to the alleyway, I slowed down, seeing the Strayer car parked there. I cursed, pushing Eliza back before stepping forwards. Artemis was stood by their car, leaning against it. I picked up a stone and threw it- it hit the car door next to him. He looked up and caught my eye.

‘Distract them.’ I mouth, pointing at the other Strayer’s around him. He rolls his eyes and looked around, before walking up to them.

‘This is pointless! Surely we should be doing something else- like actually looking for Prince’s that are a risk to us?’ Everyone turned towards him-away from us. I nodded my thanks and gestured to Eliza.

‘We’re going.’ She stumbled up to me, blinking in the light. We put our heads down, walking away quickly from them. I could still hear Artemis shouting as we  walked, and I started to laugh.

‘What’s funny?’

‘Your brother. I never thought he would be so…willing about this.’

She smiles, taking my hand. ‘He knows me. I would never have forgiven him if he didn’t let me go with you.’

I look down at our hands, stroking the back of hers lightly. A small shiver of pleasure rose through me as she smiled. ‘I’m glad I’m not alone. I bring her hand up and kiss it before sighing and speeding up the pace. ‘Come on, we have a long way to go before we are safe.’

We carried on walking, always aware of the cars and people, but we didn’t see another Strayer.

The End

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