Chapter 7Mature

And I was right to be on guard. Eliza led me down a maze of pathways, but I wasn’t enough to leave her family behind. Soon enough, I could hear people catching up with us.

‘In here!’ I whispered, seeing a doorway hidden in the shadows. We both squeezed in, holding our breath as the voices got louder- and angrier.

‘Artemis, you let them go. By rights, I should punish you as well. But you are one of our best, and your sister, well, she wasn’t really a fighter.’

Eliza stiffened beside me. ‘That’s Chief.’ She muttered into my ear, but I wasn’t paying attention to her, but the conversation.

‘Then why bother trying to find her?’ I heard Artemis ask.

‘Because she was one of us. And because the Prince she is with is one of their best.’

‘Was.’ Artemis muttered. I grinned, knowing what he was thinking.

‘What do you mean, was?’ the Chief asked.

‘His littleaccidentchanged him. He was…mortified when he found out who he was, what we all did.’

The footsteps stopped, and there was a thud, and a groan- the Chief had just pushed Artemis against a wall. ‘Listen, Arty. He wanted you to think that. Princes don’t change. We all know that. I would like you to go back to the car now while I finish looking.’

‘Fine….whatever…’ One set of feet retreated away, and after a while, the other pear started moving again. We shuffled closer into the doorway, as the shadow of a man went past, now even looking in. when he had rounded a corner, I let out a sigh of relief, pulling Eliza out.

‘We’re going to double back on him and get away, ok?’

She nods.

‘And Eliza, heads down, and if we see Artemis, we have to ignore him.’

‘I know.’

We start running, quietly, away.

The End

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