Chapter 5Mature

There was a sudden ring. Artemis looked down, and pulled a phone out his pocket. He read the called ID, put it on loud speaker and answered it, gesturing for me to be quiet.

‘Chief? What’s the matter?’

‘Artemis, is that you?’

‘Yes, Chief. why?’

‘You disappeared. We thought something had happened.’ There was a pause, and muttering on the other side of the line. ‘Artemis, why are you at the hospital?’

I heard Eliza whisper ‘crap.’ And Artemis throws her a warning glance.

He coughs. ‘Eliza had an accident. It’s nothing serious, chief.’

‘Good. We are coming to get you. We will be there soon.’

Artemis grimaced. ‘Why?’

I grin, knowing what was coming. The Chief pauses ‘We think there is… Prince activity in there. We need to get you both out.’ There was another conversation on that side. ‘Artemis, we are here. Come outside quietly.’ There was a click and the phone went dead.

Artemis’s eyes met mine. ‘We need to get you out of here. Now.’ He stood up. ‘Follow me.’ He walked out. I grabbed the bag, and Eliza’s hand.

She looked up at me. ‘I’m scared, Elijah.’ She whispered.

I kiss her forehead lightly. ‘Don’t be. Come on.’

We walked out, down the corridor to a fire exit. Artemis stood by it. He hugged Eliza. ‘Don’t forget me, sis. I love you.’

She sniffs. ‘Love you too, Arty. Stay safe.’

He forces a smile. ‘I’ll try.’ He turns to me. ‘And you, look after her.’

I nod. ‘I will, I promise.’

He opens the door, setting off the alarm. ‘Go.’

Eliza looks at him, sadly. ‘Thank you Arty.’ He nods, looking away, as I pull her gently out the hospital.

The End

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