Chapter 4Mature

I stayed sat on the stairs for a while, my mind whirling. I was glad I had done what I had done, but now I was thinking about the consequences. Now, not only was I the one in trouble with their family, but she might be as well. I don’t think I would ever forgive myself is something happened to her.

I slowly got up and stretched, making my way back down to the ward. Galen was waiting for me. He laughs as I walk in. ‘Mr Prince, I hope you know that this hospital uses CCTV.’

I frown. ‘Why are you telling me this?’

He puts his hand in his pocket, pulling out a CD. He throws it to me. ‘As I said to the Strayer earlier, I don’t care about you two. But if your families find that, this hospital would be under…siege.’

I nod, snapping the CD in two. ‘Thank you.’ He nods and walks out. My eyes follow him out, before I sit on the bed. I wonder who he is- he says he doesn’t care about us, but I think he does really.

I close my eyes, frowning, thinking.

I don’t hear him approach, but I open my eyes as Artemis sits down.

‘out of the billions of people in the world she could have chosen, why does it have to be you? A Prince?’

‘I wish I knew.’ I mutter, sighing. ‘I don’t deserve her.’

‘No.’ he says bluntly. ‘But she has chosen you- and nothing you say will change that.’

‘You must hate me.’

There was a pause. ‘Surprisingly, I don’t. I should- your on a different side to me, you’ve killed my family and you are about to take my sister away from me, but I don’t hate you. I think you really have changed.’

I look at him, shocked. ‘Thanks…’

He grins. ‘Don’t mention it.’

There was a laugh from the doorway as Eliza walked in. ‘I knew you would end up liking him.’ She walked over to me and took my hand. I brought hers to my lips and kissed it.

Artemis smiles. ‘I never said I liked him, just that I didn’t hate him,’

She smiles gently, and then grows serious. ‘What are we going to do?’

Artemis stood up and walked over to the other bed. He crouched down, and brought out a small bag from underneath it. He throws the bad at me. ‘Open it.’

I do so, peering inside. Roll after roll of money was stuffed inside. Artemis walks back over. There is enough in there to start a new life. Have it.’

Eliza stood up and hugged him. ‘Thank you Arty.’

‘Don’t mention it. I just want to keep you safe.’ he sighs. ‘You’re going to need that money. You will be in a lot of trouble now. Both families will be after you. And…’

The way he said it made me look up. ‘And what?’

He starts pacing. ‘I’ve been thinking. We have both been told different things about why we fight each other. What if they are both lies? What if it is something else entirely. Someone else, not just our families?’

My eyes widen in understanding. ‘You think there is a third party involved? And once they know about us…’ I stop.

Eliza finishes for me. ‘They will come after us too.’ She looks at Artemis. ‘What do you think we should do?’

He shrugs. ‘You have two options. Run. Forget everything about this and hope they forget you. Or fight. Find the real reason and stop our families fighting.’

Eliza turns to me smiling. I nod. ‘I think we are fighting.’

He sighs. ‘I thought you would say that.’

The End

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