Chapter OneMature

I sit on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Who knows how much time has gone by? A day, a week, a month. All I know is a hospital bed, a doctor. Where is my past? My name?

Who am I?

A guy with green eyes, black hair, and a strange tattoo on his shoulder. A guy who wore jeans and a leather jacket. Was that me? Yes. But it didn’t answer my questions.

Doctors come and go, checking up on me. But there is only so much to do with a forgotten person. So they left me to explore. I knew the hospital inside out, every hiding place, every room, every secret.

Until she arrived.

A boy brought her in. He scowled at everyone, but when he looked at her, I could see the worry he had.  She lay unconscious in his arms, and he put her down carefully on the bed opposite me before turning to the staff around us.

‘What are you waiting for?! Help her!’ he yelled at a doctor. The doc looked up, but did not move. I smiled. They didn’t take well to being shouted at, trust me, I knew. But I didn’t really want to tell this guy. If he wanted to be rude, it is his own choice.

The doctor but his papers down on the desk, and looked up. ‘Please, sir. You need to calm down. If she wakens while you are acting like this, she might panic.’

He looked over at her, slowing his breath. ‘I am sorry. I just don’t want my sister to be hurt.’

He doctor nodded. ‘I understand, sir. We will do everything in our power to help her. Why don’t you sit down? We will have to wait to see if she will wake up.’

He boy nodded, sitting down on a chair next to her bed. He threw a glance at me before turning back to her, taking her hand. ‘Come on, sis. You have to be ok…I’m sorry we fought. I didn’t mean a word of it.’

I took my eyes off him and looked at the girl. My breath caught in my throat. She was beautiful. She had light brown hair, and the expression on her face showed how caring she was.

He brother looked at me again, frowning. Something tugged in my head. A memory…a face. His face. Some how, I knew him- and he knew me. And didn’t like me one bit.

I wonder why.

‘Stop looking at my sister.’ I blinked, feeling as if I was waking from a dream.

I smiled lazily. ‘Why? You know, you are very…protective of her, aren’t you? I wonder why she is like this now…’

He scowled, avoiding my gaze. I chucked, knowing I had hit the mark- what ever was wrong with her was at least partly his fault. ‘Of course I would protect her. Look at her! She can’t fight her own battles. She’s so…gentle.’

I got off my bed, walk over to her and kneel on the floor to see her face. ‘Even the gentlest of people have the power inside them to cause damage.’ I carefully brush the hair off her face, as something inside of me tightened.

I felt a hand spin me round, pulling me up off the ground by the fabric of my shirt. ‘Donottouch her.’

I grin, grabbing his hands. ‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’ I say, shocking myself.

He dropped me, stepping away. ‘I’ve just realised who you are. I should have known…’ He laughed. ‘But I’m not going to tell you. This is much more fun…’

I frown, moving towards him. The girl- his sister- stirred. He instantly moved his attention from me to her, running to the side of the bed. I smiled grimly, moving back to my own.

‘Eliza? Are you awake?’ she opened her eyes, looked at him, and then rolled away, facing the wall. I could hear the pain in his voice. ‘Eliza, please. I am sorry. You know I didn’t mean it.’

‘Go away, Arty.’ I heard her mutter in to the pillow.

He put his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off. ‘Eliza, I’m not leaving you. Not here.’

She ignored him. I grinned, chuckling. ‘Somehow, I don’t think she wants to talk to you,Arty.’

He turned to me. ‘And I really don’t want you here. Stay out of my business.’

‘Artemis! Don’t be so rude!’ Eliza sat up, looking at me. ‘I’m really sorry about his behaviour.’

‘Don’t apologise for him. It’s not your fault he has taken a disliking to me.’

She smiles, her deep blue eyes sparkling. I couldn’t help but smile back. ‘No, but I feel I ought too.’

Artemis was looking between us, anger showing on his face. ‘Eliza, do not talk to him.’

I grin, winking at her. ‘Say, Eliza, care to go for a walk?’ I stand, heading to the door. I turn to watch Eliza, holding out my hand to her. She hesitates, looking to her brother. He stares her down but she turned away, coming to join me. She puts her hand in mine, squeezing it. A warm feeling spreads through my body, and I smile, pulling her gently out the door. There was a crash behind us- Artemis taking his anger out on something. I see Eliza wince, pulling back slightly.

‘You can let go, you know. If holding my hand in uncomfortable.’

She blushes, looking away. ‘No, its fine.’ I go to let go, but she squeezes harder, looking at me. ‘Don’t let go. Please.’

‘I won’t.’ I smile. ‘Tell me about yourself then.’

‘I don’t really know what to say. You know my name is Eliza. And you have seen what Arty is like. That’s what my whole family are like. Paranoid. Telling me what to do, because I am the weak one. The one that won’t fight.’ She sighs. ‘It’s like I’m not really part of the family.’

I stop, pulling her in to hug her. ‘I’m sorry. They will just be trying to look after you. Don’t be sad.’ I gently pulled her chin up so I could look at her. A small tear leaks out her eye, and I brush it away with me thumb. ‘Don’t cry, Eliza.’ I pause, thinking. ‘This is why you don’t want to talk to your brother, isn’t it?’

She nodded, taking my hand again and pulling me towards a seat. ‘My family. We have different views on the world to others. You have to be strong; else you are not one of us. Artemis covers for me, making out I am like him. But I’m not like him! I told him to stop…and he said…he said he wished I wasn’t his sister. That he hated me. That I didn’t deserve the name Strayer.’

I froze. That name. It threw me in to the past, a lady whispering ‘We are the victims of the Strayer’s hate, Elijah. We will get our revenge.’

I drop her hand, standing up, backing away. She looked at me, tears flowing. I wanted to comfort her, but I couldn’t. I remembered.

‘Your…you’re a Strayer?!’

The End

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