Dont Forget MeMature

" families, fighting
One lost memory
A big secret
And love
What could possibly happen?!


He held the phone up to his ear.

‘Don’t react, Christopher. He is right behind you.’

‘Thanks Chief, I’ll see you soon.’

Christopher allowed himself a smile as he hung up. The plan was working. The Princes were not that smart- they can even see a trap.

Behind him, an 18 year old teen followed, keeping to the shadows.

They both walked through the town, and into the woods surrounding it.

The teenager stopped as Christopher turned to face him, laughing.

‘Well, well, well, Elijah Prince. What a surprise…’

The boy- Elijah- looked around. Other people suddenly appeared, surrounding him. He snarled. ‘Bloody Strayer’s.’

Christopher grins. ‘It’s a pity, you know. From your reputation, I would have thought you would have guessed. Maybe it’s all an exaggeration.’

Elijah smiles. ‘An exaggeration of my skills?’ He lifted the sleeve of his shirt, showing the small broken crown tattoo. ‘I got this at the age of 12. When did you get yours?’ His eyes flickered down as Christopher’s cheeks darkened. Elijah laughed. ‘Oh, my dear Christopher Strayer. I forgot. You haven’t made your first kill yet, have you? Is that what I am?’

Christopher took a step forwards angrily. Another Strayer spoke up quietly. ‘Careful Chris…’

Elijah’s grin widens. ‘So this is why they are here. To make sure you actually go through with this…Are you sure I’m thee one surrounded here? Not you?

Christopher scowls. ‘Yes, I’m sure! Shut up!’

‘Hit a sore spot, have I,Chris?’ Elijah walked towards him, and smiled, patting his hand patronisingly. Christopher pulls away as Elijah laughs. ‘You know, Christopher, it’s a real pity…’ Elijah flicked his wrist, and a knife drew down from his sleeve. Too quick for anyone to react, he plunged it into Christopher’s stomach. He fell to the floor, shocked, as the grass turned red around him. Elijah looked down at him, heartlessly. ‘You should have killed me when you had the chance.’ He turned and looked the other Strayer’s in the eyes. ‘One by one the Strayer’s fall…and the Princes become kings once more.’ Elijah started to laugh. He didn’t hear the footsteps of a Strayer dome towards him. He didn’t hear the wound as a branch was picked from the ground.

Elijah did, however, feel the impact as it hit him on the head.

And as he lay on the ground, he heard the Strayer’s leave.

But he did not die.

The End

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