One clue Further

Chapter 4: One Clue further


            My first thought was to call Rachel.

            “Hello?” I said tapping my foot.

            “Hey what happened?” she asked concern in her voice.

            “Could you just come pick me up at Jace’s house? I’ll explain later.”

            “Sure I’ll be there in five,” she said hanging up. I pleaded with myself that Jace wouldn’t notice I was gone before I actually was. Five minutes felt like a dreadful five hours. I looked around suspiciously and jumped at any sound of the desolate street. Before I knew it, I finally spotted a red Camry.

            I jumped in the car before Rachel had a chance to speak.

            “Get going!” I urged her, feeling at any second he could wake up. She started to drive but looked at me bewildered.

            “What is wrong with you? You have never been this jumpy,” she asked.

            “You just don’t know what I’ve been through in the last couple hours,” I frowned. Her face had relaxed as I could tell she was trying to understand my anxiety.

            “What did you find?” I asked changing the subject and touching my pocket lightly hoping for his wellness. Her face then showed a trace of sadness.

            “The news is not good, we found his body, but there aren’t any other clues, at least not any major ones which can define the killer.” I had then known what that meant; I hadn’t made it in time.

            “Where are we going then?” I asked solemn.

            “To his apartment, you’re going to help me find some, so we can find this killer,” she said confident staring into my eyes. “I have scanned through the place but I don’t exactly know where to look and police haven’t exactly gotten involved with this case yet.”

            “When are they starting?”

            “Tomorrow,” she said.

            I thought about how desperate Jake’s eyes had been, I should’ve listened to him while I had the chance; I had felt guilt of not taking the time to get to know this guy, the guy in which I don’t deserve to have the title as friend.


            We arrived a little over three p.m. I knocked on the door hearing the hollow in the hallway.

            “No ones there,” Rachel said, “They took his roommate for questioning. That’s the least of what the cops did.” There was this strange aura that came from the house, and something didn’t sound right, cops don’t ever wait.

            “Wait!” I said out loud grabbing Rachel’s arm, “How did you pull this off?” She smirked and said, “Just circumstances, I didn’t plan it this way.” Her arm relaxed and we went in the door, finding almost nothing wrong with it in first glance. I looked at these walls not being familiar with them, I had never come here. I searched around, not knowing where to start nor did I know what I was looking for. There were two rooms open when you reached the kitchen; I glanced up at Rachel signifying the first room. I walked inside imagining what Jake would do in his room. Did he ever think he would end up dead in the park in a tragic unknown death?

Most likely not.

His room was full of text books, mainly on health science, his bed was unorganized, the room was small in itself but it seemed the only thing that seemed out of place was a gym duffle bag, it seemed as if there was no right place for it. There was so much I didn’t know about him; in fact the only thing I did know about him was his full name and that he liked to hang around bars “picking up” women. I wondered if our meeting was purely coincidental, or if it had meaning, it was my first time going to that bar.

            I shook the thought away keeping focused on trying to find clues. It was then I had a thought to search through the duffle bag. It was then that I knew I should not touch it, it was a major lead, beside his phone on his bed. I was speechless at what I found, yet my first instinct wasn’t to inform Rachel. I rushed to the phone on the bed, and looked through his calls. He had called a guy named Robert before he made a call to me. I took his phone knowing this wouldn’t be good in my case if this is what the police had found. I had to find who this Robert was.

            “Find anything?” Rachel called from the door, I jumped and turned slightly.

            “I just found this huge diamond, it should belong somewhere important shouldn’t it?”I asked. Rachel’s eyes widened with amazement. I took out the crumpled note that Jake had given me and it seemed to all make sense. With a piece of evidence that big, we would find the killer, I am sure it was probably the Robert guy.

            “It’s possible to find very big leads and motive for it, but I have to run it through the office.” At the sound of her response I started to feel joy inside as she finished those words that to my ears seemed to come in slow motion. To my own curiosity, as Rachel was securing the diamond properly I went outside and gave this Robert a call, I had to hear the voice of the man who murdered my friend. I had to serve Jake justice. As the phone rang, 24 years of living couldn’t prepare me for what had happened next.

            “Hello?” the man answered. Brother?

The End

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