Chapter 3:I am not crazy


“Sydney, wake up…” said a man’s voice soothing to the ear. I opened my eyes to see my boyfriend Jace. I smiled as he stared into my eyes. “Are you feeling okay?” he said caressing my hair.

            “Yeah, wait no!” I said sitting up quickly, “How did I get here?” I looked at Jace. Before he had a chance to answer I asked, “Did they find Jake?”

            “Who’s Jake?” Jace asked bewildered putting his hand in front of me, as though stopping me from doing something insane.

            “I called 9-1-1! To get help for Jake! He was stabbed and I went to find him.” I tried to explain to Jace but he seemed the last person possible to understand me.

            “Look, you just passed out from exhaustion, that’s why you’re here Sydney.” Jace held my hand gently as though grabbing it tighter would frighten me. I pushed his hand away from me, shaking my head and getting out of bed.

            “I have to get out of here,” I said searching through what I believed for a second were my pockets. I was wearing a hospital suit. “Where are my clothes?” I asked Jace. The door squeaked open to find a doctor.

            “You gave us quite a scare there didn’t you Sydney?” the doctor said reviewing my chart.

            “How did I get here?” I asked the doctor hopeful for some answers; I needed to know I hadn’t failed Jake.

            “Doctor!”  I said now more demanding, “What happened with Jake Robin?!” The doctor turned my way instantly, but said nothing. He seemed confused, as if I had blurted “where are the magical unicorns doctor?!”

            “Jake Robin...” the doctor said thinking hard. “I don’t know the whereabouts’ of this Jake Robin, but when the ambulance found you, the cause of you being here was exhaustion from taking a jog late at night.” I ignored the doctor’s theory knowing that couldn’t be true.

            “Where are my clothes?”I repeated more calmly to Jace. He reached down to pick up some folded clothes and handed them to me. I went in the bathroom to change and in my jeans found a note. The same note that Jake gave me. Reading through it, I panicked, knowing what I went through was not a dream after all.

            “Jake…” I whispered to myself, holding the note close to my heart. I had failed him, as of now, his body was no where near me, but what I went through, was real, the note was evidence of it.

            I was glad I was full of friends with connections. My best friend being an criminal investigator. I text her knowing if I called her, everyone would hear me.

                        I need you to do me the favor, of finding clues on Jake’s whereabouts”

                        “Why do you need them” she replied.

                        “I’ll explain fully later. Just TRUST me.”


 *___*___*___*___*___*___*___*___* ___*___*____*____*____*____*____*____*___*


            I got in Jace’s car, staring at the silver new piece of junk Nissan altima. I know Jace knew that I was feeling down, he just ignored it. I attempted to sneak to Jake’s house in hopes to maybe talk to his roommate or find him there, but Jace wouldn’t allow it. 

            “You’re going home with me today, I don’t know what happened but I am not letting you go home and venture when you’re clearly not well.”

            “I’m fiiine!” I sulked, feeling like a child that can’t go outside because her parents claim she’s sick. I crossed my arms and decided as soon as I got to his apartment I would sneak out, but as the long quiet drive started my phone rang. It was Rachel my best friend.

            “Hello?” I said.

            “Hi Sydney, where are you?”

            “I’m—on probation” I said giving Jace a glare.

            “Probation?” Rachel asked confused, “Well you should get down here because we found clues on Jake.

            “I’m on my—“then Jace grabbed the phone away from me and told Rachel

            “She’s not going anywhere this week, good bye.” He hung up, not even giving Rachel a chance to respond.

            “What the hell?!” I yelled at him for the first time.

 He glanced at me and said, “Whatever this is, its not you’re problem so stay out of it…”

            “Why do you care? Its my phone anyway, I am a grown adult and I can do what I want.” I said staring at him noticing he clearly looked annoyed.

            “Why do I care Sydney? You’re my girlfriend that’s why and my friend since elementary, you don’t think I should give a damn?!” He put my phone in his pocket and I angrily looked the other way, it didn’t matter, as soon as I got out of this car, I was going to get my way.


            I pretended to fall asleep in his car and heard him drive into his garage.

            “Sydney, wake up hun, we’re here.” His voice was calm now as he spoke these words. I stretched putting on a good show for him.

            “Oh are we?” I asked rubbing my eyes to see him clearer. “Honey?”

            “Yes ?” he asked helping me get out of the seat.

            “You were right, I am sorry.” I put my best puppy face I knew hoping he wouldn’t see right through it.

            “Its fine.” He said sighing in relief. “Here’s your phone back, but take some rest okay?”

            “Okay” I smiled wearily. We walked in his apartment and took off our shoes, as time passed Jace started to fall asleep on the couch where we had been watching tv for a couple hours. He was wearing a white shirt and beige brown shorts. Usually he would only wear suits for his office. I caressed his hair appreciating knowing that he really did care about me. He worked late nights and makes sure I am safe even when he has to put his own health at risk. He was sweet.

            “I love you” I whispered to him, knowing he probably couldn’t hear me. I kissed him on the cheek before I decided it was time for me to leave.

            I went into his room to grab some covers and covered him with it. Before there was anymore to think about and any possible regretting, I left.

The End

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