Chapter 2: 5 Hours Before..

Chapter 2: Victim one- Jake 5 hours before


            “Jake! You have mail!” my roommate called for me. I expected it to be some bill but I remembered to pay every bill. Maybe it was some junk mail. The envelope was neat and beige, it was normal but it had no return address. It contained what seemed almost as hard as a piece of cardboard. Out of curiosity I began to tear into the contents of it while I thought Sydney, sweet as can be. She seemed to have an aura about her, I just wanted to know. I took out the hard piece of paper. It read,


                        Dear, Jake Robin

                        You are responsible for what has happened to my prized

                        possession. You have unfortunately dug yourself in a debt

                        irreplaceable by money. In so, must pay with your life.

                        If you show or tell anyone about this sequence of events

                        They will suffer the same fate. With love and trust.


Your friend.


Staring at it, I couldn’t believe what it had inside. This had to be a joke. I thought I had gotten away with it. After all, my friend Robert said this mission had no consequences; we were stealing things of no importance. He must be playing a very unfunny joke.

I went rushed into my room, placing the note on top of my dresser. I went through my duffle bag and saw it there. This was it right? I just had to return it and it’d be over. Except for one thing, there was no return address.

“Calm down Jake, just call Rob and get this straightened out,” I told myself. I reached for my phone and dialed Rob’s number. I tried about ten times finding each failed call more urgent than the last. I left him three messages to let him know this was urgent. I took in a couple deep breathes before I had convinced myself that perhaps I was overreacting. Instead of stressing anymore, I needed to talk to a friend, to let them know what’s going on. I went out to the living room, walking across the narrow hall to find my roommate gone as well. Was I a victim of circumstance?

I picked up my phone one last time, this time dialing Sydney’s phone. I needed someone’s help, anyone’s help.


“Hi Sydney, its Jake. I need to see you tonight.”

The End

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