Don't Forget Me...

As Sidney was caught in a circle of killings, she puts herself in danger to save her friends and figure out the mystery to all these killings..Will she make it in time to save the people she loves?

Chapter 1: Victim one- Jake

I stared at him as he took a deep breath, his face was covered by the shadow of the night and I waited patiently for what he had to say. I wanted to know why he decided he needed to meet me at 12 am in the middle of the park, where there was no one in sight.


           Sure I trusted him, he stood there frail and shaken by life, but I had to wonder when his eyes would open, and what time he would explain.


            “Jake?” I prompted touching his arm. He opened his eyes exposing those big brown eyes of his, but he said nothing. He looked at me making me feel out of place. As I crossed my arms I was getting impatient, “Well?” I asked my tone more aggressive now.


            “I need time, I don’t know how to tell you, but if you have something to do, then you’re free to go,” he said putting his arm out into the open, allowing me to go. I hardly knew the guy but guilt had swept over me. To me, his eyes and actions cried desperation.


            “Fine, but can we at least not be somewhere weird?” I blurted, “Somewhere where maybe we don’t increase our chances of getting murdered?” I said jokingly smiling to myself. He nodded beckoning again to leave, but this time I had a feeling we’d be leaving together. As we began to leave, still he said nothing, in his eyes you can tell he was in a state of shock; he was at loss of words. I could’ve sworn by the crickets playing that we had been alone. Suspicious of our surroundings I looked around swearing I had heard grass shuffling.


            “What is that?” I asked Jake. He glanced my way bewildered. I looked around swiftly checking for what might be confirmed by my paranoid self. There was no wind, I grabbed Jake’s hand and started walking faster. If I had moved much faster we would be running.


            “What’s the matter?” He asked tugging my hand lightly.

            “There’s something weird going on,” I told him, feeling panic now. “Let’s go!” I said running fast with him trailing behind me. It was then the lights started to go out, one by one.

            I looked around trying to remember what this park looked like in the day, to find the nearest exit. It was then when I heard one pair of exasperated gasps stop and another sound of feet start to follow, none equivalent to Jakes. I stopped for a minute looking back.

            “Jake?” He was gone.

            I was alone at this point and I hadn’t even heard what Jake had to say. I wanted to keep going, but I had to turn around for Jake. By now, all the lights had gone out.

            “Jake!” I called out while my breathing became heavier. No matter how much I peered, I couldn’t see a thing. Though I figured he couldn’t be that far off. “Jake!” I called again, this time hearing someone cough. I ran to the cough, noticing it was much closer than it seemed. I searched around touching everything my hands could grab.

            “I’m right here,” Jake said weakly. I accidentally had grabbed on to his abdomen and his shadow had hunched over in pain a bit. My hands felt covered now by something warm and sticky. “I think I was stabbed,” Jake admitted in pain.

            “Can you stand up?” I asked, trying my best to lift him but not hurt him.

            “I don’t think so,”

            “What was that you needed to tell me?”

            “That I was in danger...”

            “Than why would you want to meet in middle of nowhere!?” I felt the anger cover my face, but I had felt more helpless than mad. “Come on, we have to get you out of here.” I took his arm to try to lift him but he moaned in pain.

            “No!” Jake said. “If I don’t get out of here I need you to take this.” He grabbed in urgency putting a piece of hard paper in my hand. “Run and get help,” he whispered “I’ll be here waiting.”


            “Go!”Jake said. I looked back one more time hoping this was the right decision. I feared I wouldn’t come back in time or that when I had, it had been too late. After running for what seemed hours in my desperation I had seen straight across a view. It was then I had heard those footsteps. They seemed to be getting closer as I got nearer to the light.

            “Crap!” I thought to myself as I felt myself losing more air and finding harder to retain it as I tried to continue in the same pace. I held on tighter to the note, feeling its importance. “Don’t let me die, don’t let me die.” I pleaded with myself. As I came closer to taste the light I didn’t dare stop or look back. Upon broad light I ran a block away more and fell to the ground. The feet had stopped as soon as I crossed over to the broad light the streets had.

            As I reached for my phone in my pocket, my shaking hands were making it almost impossible to dial the numbers. “There is only three numbers,” I mumbled finding it ridiculous that my body over took my mind with fear.

            The phone rang once before the operator answered.

            “9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

            “My friend, friend is stabbed in the park!” I managed to gasp out. I needed to finish this conversation, to help Jake. I needed to read this important note, but my body wanted to rest, the operators voice was fading.

            “Hello?” the operator said distant now. Everything went black.

The End

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