Don't EvenMature

The threat hung over her head like a loaded gun, a constant reminder, an order and a warning.

"Try me," a voice would snap inside her head, but if voiced aloud, she knew that the end would be pulled a smidge nearer.

Mandy Andrews was perfect; at least, to the naked eye.  She had long, beautifully flowing brown hair, soft green, and a pale complexion that would make supermodels beg.  She had a strut to her step so sharp that it wasn't a doubt that she had confidence.  But, behind the school facade that she put on his an insecure, troubled young girl.  

Home was a problem that she had to face, whether she liked it or not, swallowing it down with a chug of stolen alcohol.  Alcohol numbed the pain of the belt slapping her back; her father's way of showing his affections. 

The End

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