Don't Check the Surveillance CameraMature

A creepypasta based on an idea I had while at work.
Feel free to read and comment, but don't check the surveillance.

Do you ever have that feeling of certainty that you saw something in the corner of your eye or heard something very feint, and while you're completely certain you saw it you also can't be too sure, and you are a bit skeptical? People around you often don't believe you about paranormal occurrences, when in reality they are the wrong ones; the stupid ones who are too skeptical.

My latest experience took place on the 17Th November 2014, and it would have been a Monday night. I am almost 17 and I have been working at McDonald’s for almost two years. Tonight was my first close shift. For anyone who may not know, a person on a close shift is responsible of cleaning up the store, washing everything and preparing it for the next morning. And of course, locking the place up.

I arrived there at ten-to-eight PM since I started at 8. When I clocked on I was asked to mop the floors and then get a head-start on the close jobs. So I jumped into the wash room and began washing up all the trays, grill utensils and such. I was there for a total of two and a half hours, but the other person on close, Lucas, didn't start until 9. So he, of course, was there 90 minutes before I finished washing. We both continued working on getting close done by cleaning and putting everything back to its original place.

I picked up the grill utensils and the metal box they are held in and placed it next to the grill. Lucas then requested that I check that everything in the dining room was alright. Of course, the lights were off in the dining room, and I absolutely HATE being in dark rooms. Though it wasn't too dark.

I checked the straw dispenser was full, and the napkin dispenser.
“Both the dispensers are good to go!” I called out. I ensured every chair was on every table, and they were. Not a single one was on the floor still. The party room was clean and locked, the playground was empty, clean and locked.

I was asked by Lucas to sweep the floors since there was a lot of food and crumbs on it. I picked up the broom and began to sweep. My eyes were focused on the floor I was sweeping, when I had one of those moments that surely you've had at least once: I saw something dash quickly in the corner of my eye. At least I think I did. I stared over in the dining room, assuring myself over and over again that it was my imagination. Lucas called to me, “What are you looking at?”
“I thought I just—“
“Just what?”
“Nothing. I'm just a bit tired.” I laughed weakly.

Once I was done sweeping the floors, Lucas once again requested I check the dining room again, but he didn't say “Check dining room again” or even recognise the fact he had already asked me. He just said the exact same thing as last time. “Can you please check that dining room is good to go?”

I just said “Sure,” assuming he wanted me to check again. I checked everything and I must have missed the empty straw dispenser. I grabbed some straws and topped the dispenser up. I saw one chair that the manager must have forgotten to put up on the table, so I did that. I double checked the napkins, and the rest of the tables. Everything was good to go.

I returned to the kitchen and resumed placing things back in their place and cleaning up. Lucas approached and said “Hey, can you just make sure that the café is completely clean, the coffee beans are filled, they have sufficient milk and all that?”
I once again agreed to it.

Everything seemed fine. I just had to grab a couple of milk cartons out of the walk in fridge. No big deal. I then noticed I must have forgot the napkin dispenser, so I filled that up. Not before I noticed the straws laying on the ground. So I had to restock the straw dispenser, too. I then noticed some chairs in the party room that were still on the floor, as well as a happy meal box on the table. I unlocked the room and fixed it all up and locked it back up. I looked around the dining room to make sure everything was good to go. Again.

I went back to the kitchen to tell Lucas everything was good to go, but I couldn't find him. I searched everywhere! Assuming he had just gone to the toilet I mopped the floors in his absence. As I was walking to the other side of the kitchen to begin mopping, I looked out the afar window on the other side of the café which was about, maybe, 20 or so meters from me and I saw the strangest thing. At least I thought I did. I don't know. I was tired. I thought I saw a figure dash past outside. Assuming it was just my imagination I began mopping the floors.

I didn't really know what to do so I looked everywhere for Lucas again: the freezer, fridge, stock cage, wash room, crew room, kitchen, the office, drive through windows, the café. I noticed the empty straw dispenser so I topped that up just to kill time.

It was only at that point that I had realised how many times I topped up that fucking dispenser. I knew at this point something wasn't right. I looked around and noticed the many chairs now on the floor. I also realised that these must have been moved by somebody. It couldn't have been Lucas; he likes to get out on time. I called out to him. I couldn't find him anywhere.

Then I remembered the surveillance cameras and the monitors in the office. I dashed in there and looked at all of them. All of the rooms were empty. Well, all except for one. And this sent chills down my spine and I still remember that feeling to this day. I looked at the surveillance in the stock cage which is only around a short corner from where I was and at the end of the hallway. It was a humanoid, though I couldn't be sure what it was. I panicked. How the fuck did it get in without setting an alarm off? Plus you can't get in the stock cage without the manager’s keys.

I dashed out frantically and looked around, trying not to make any noise, but to search for Lucas. I quickly ran back to the manager’s office, and had a look at the monitors again. The stock cage camera was completely blocked by the humanoid’s close up face as it stared at me. His eyes were bleeding from the sockets, his eyes had no pupils, his mouth was permanently torn open by what seemed to be human strength alone. Or maybe he did it to himself. The rest of his body was, for the lack of a better word, slimy and he had no genitalia, and no fingers or toes. So it was clear that it wasn't a man.

If you're wondering how I knew what his body looked like, he turned around and headed towards the office. I ran as fast as I could. I ran straight towards the door but didn't quite make it as I tripped. I quickly got back on my feet and tried unlocking the door, but it wasn't working. It wouldn't open. Then I felt it. A puncture from a knife straight through my back and out my stomach. When it withdrew I fell to the ground, almost passed out. When I rolled over, I just caught a glimpse of Lucas’s lifeless body, butchered in the playground. His organs laid out next to him. The humanoid now stood above me. Certain he would take my life, too.

He stood over me. With the most fucked up grin you've ever seen.

Knife ready, he said “Don’t check the surveillance.”

I woke up in hospital God knows how much later. The doctors said I was missing a kidney, every part of my body was cut open and there was a big scar on my neck. I have never gone back to McDonald’s again. Not just the one I work at. I haven't even gone near any McDonald’s since. It might have just been sheer luck that I lived, and I didn't want to risk it again. I just have to spread this information with as many people as I can. I've posted it on every website I could find, I've told people at school, and now I can tell you.
For the love of God, no matter if you're home, or you're at work, please.

Do not check the surveillance.

The End

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