The First Date

    As the car pulled onto the street Josie lived on, Tom got very nervous. Who wouldn't be on his first date? The only thought that passed through his mind was that he'd screw it up. Thankfully, there was no dancing. Tom hated dances. All of a sudden, Tom started to worry about his looks. He started to fidget with his hair.

    He stopped worrying about it when his mom pulled into the driveway. More like he stopped living though. He was that nervous. He stumbled up to the door and rang the doorbell. Josie answered the door. Before Tom could say anything, she yelled to her parents.

    "Mom! Dad! Going to the game!" Without waiting for a reply, she shut the door and walked out. "Let's go then," she said as if annoyed. Tom just stood there awkwardly. Impatiently, Josie said, "Well? Are you coming?" Tom shook out of his daze, and they both headed to the car. Tom's mom greeted them.

    "Hello! I'm Tom's mom."

    "Hi. I'm Josie," she said with a smile.

    "Let's get you both to that game!"

    "That sounds good." The whole car ride was pretty quiet. Tom didn't speak a word. Josie texted the whole time. Tom's mom was the only one who tried to talk, but she was unsuccessful. After what seemed like forever, they finally arrived at the school. They jumped out of the car

    "I'll be back in an hour or so," shouted Tom's mom, and then she drove off. With that, they hurried off to the game.

    Tom wasn't sure how dates went, but if they went like this, he hated them. All that happened was him following Josie, who only talked to her friends. He had tried to hold her hand, but she pulled away every time. Most of the time, it was like he didn't exist. He didn't know that things were about to get worse.

    In the middle of the 4th Quarter, one of the freshmen guys from Tom's group, Rick, had gone to the press box. He was going to ask someone to homecoming. Before Tom could hear who the guy was going to ask, he was knocked to the ground; someone had run into him. He was hit with such force that when his head hit the ground, he was knocked out. It caused quite a commotion. Along with some adults, the boy who ran into Tom carried him to the school, so they could check him out.

The End

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