It was Friday night. Tom was wearing a simple outfit. T-shirt, jeans, and a jacket. Tonight was the big date. He couldn't believe he got up the nerve to ask Josie. It had also gone a lot better than he expected. Mr. Craigs had finished the lecture, so they had free time to talk. He called over Josie to ask her in private. Unfortunately, the whole class noticed. A wave of silence hit the class. Everyone's attention was on Tom. He became very nervous. Josie walked over with a smirk on her face and a , and said,

    "Yes?" Tom was really shaky and jittery. He squeaked out the words, but it was inaudible. "What?" she asked like a snob. Before he could say it louder, a loud crash filled the room. Someone had fallen off his chair. Everyone turned to find their latest target on the floor. They proceeded to laugh at him hysterically like a pack of hyenas.

    Tom saw an opportunity. He tapped Josie's shoulder.

    "Um, Josie. Do  you, um, well, would you want to go the, uh, football game with me?" She just looked blankly at him. She then began to observe him. Like she was seriously considering something. Tom almost walked away when she finally responded.

    "Sure. I'll go with you." And the bell rang. The class, unaware of the situation with Tom and Josie, got up and left, still laughing at the kid who fell off his chair. Tom hurried out quickly. Excitement couldn't begin to describe how he felt.

    Tom finished getting ready. Before he headed out to the car, he ran into his room and grabbed some cologne. His mom called him down, and he set off for his very first date.

The End

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