Don't Blink

This is a historical fiction accounting of Mark and Tom of blink-182's high school life. 95% fiction 5% reality.

    "Come on, Tom!" shouted someone from a group of boys in the hallway before school.

    "Yeah! Stop being a wimp!" accused another. Tom stood isolated from the group. One of the boys ran over and shoved him closer. Tom had to ask out Josie, the prettiest girl in the class, because he lost a bet. While Tom liked Josie a little, mainly because of her looks, her personality made Tom feel otherwise. He didn't like her treatment of the "uncool" kids. Still, a bet was a bet. It was his freshmen year. He would do anything to fit in.

    What he didn't know, however, was that this was a plot to make him the laughing stock of the school. He was to ask out the most popular girl of the freshman class. She would say yes. They would go together to the football game on Friday. There, Tom's high school career would be ruined before it had barely begun.

    To Tom's relief, the bell rang, and his chance was gone. He hurried off to his locker to get his things for class. He hadn't escaped yet though. Tom and Josie shared their last class of the day together. Throughout the day, the only thing he could focus on was how he would ask her to the game. Tom was completely oblivious to the fact that she was looking for an easy target.

The End

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