Don't be blindMature

Let me show you...

Ever since she's had that account it's all I see. Those poems, not one speck of happiness. So I am asking for a little help, to you my fellow Protagonizers (Wait...what?) can you give me a hand? I want to show her how many of us care. Show her how much she's really worth, something she'll never forget. Because it makes me angry to see her waste away like this. And if you are reading this Jess. Don't become a shell of my former best friend.  WE ARE HERE!!! RIGHT HERE!!!! And we're beside you, just talk to us. Don't bottle, you'll hurt yourself. I know, believe me, I do. I've done it so many times it makes me sick, and I can't stop it. But you, you have a chance. It's you I'm hoping for, it's too late for me. But you can still change. For you aren't in too deep, and thank goodness. I can't let you go so fast.

So, STOP! And think about those around you, we're standing right here. With open arms, waiting for you. Hands outstretched, smiles plastered on our faces, tears of longing in our eyes. Our hearts are beating, and they're crying. They're crying because you stand so far away. Stop standing there. MOVE! Move towards us, towards your friends. We're not enemies, we are friends! So why do you hesitate? Why not talk for hours on end, we'll gladly listen, so long as you can hear us. Scooch on over closer dear, break the gap. So what if I'm miles away, I'm still  here. And in your thoughts, aren't I ? Please... can't you see us? Have you lost us already? I'm here. Right here, beside you. And maybe the pixels on your screen may not mean a thing to you, but to me. They are helping me warn you. Cry sometimes, it's okay. And I understand, but when you do cry, remember that we  are still here.

I will tie up your hands with a red string if I have to. Just to keep you from harming yourself. I should cut off your tongue for saying such things in the first place, but I won't. Do you know why, because that won't stop you. If anything it will give you more of a reason to hate yourself. You are a wonderful person.Don't forget that, you are one of my best friends.

Going onto a more personal note, do you remember when we were on the bus riding home; and those kids called you rat face and made you cry? Remember how I stood up to them and screamed at the top of my lungs all the curse words I knew and insults that wouldn't make sense to me now? Do you know why I did it? Because nobody fucks with my friends. I didn't care if I looked like some idiotic fool, I felt proud, powerful, and I hated seeing you cry. I admit it, no matter how bad-ass I am (or think I am... ), I break down at the sight of sadness. A little part of me tells me to stop what I'm doing, and help and that's what I'm going to do.

I need to know how though, I can't just jump in at any given moment and say: You're worries are over, I'm here! No, I can't do that, I'm not superwoman. (Nor do I want to be...) But I can talk to you. Some things you can't change, but you shouldn't let them change you. Rise above them. You're stronger then this Jess, I know you are. So stop beating yourself up over something that's not your fault. I understand it must take a pretty rough toll on you, no,  that's right. I don't  understand how something like that feels. And I never will until if happens to me, but still. I feel horrible for sitting here ignoring you. Getting mad at myself for being so annoyed at every notification about you and your depressing stories. The thing is, we don't need anymore sadness, we need happiness. So I want to share mine with you, if you'll let me. There's  a good side to everything. Even SATAN.

Should you choose to believe in my words or him is up to you. You can laugh at my sad attempt, in fact, it would bring me pleasure. At least I know that you're not all lost yet. I must, oddly, thank you. For giving me motivation to write again, those drafts are still sitting there waiting to be typed. But they can wait for now. You did this Jess, look. Look at all the words, and they're all because of you. See all the emotion I'm putting into this story, all for you. I'm trying my hardest, my mind is working at almost full capacity, the other part is trying to think of intelligent synonyms. ( Haha.) Did you laugh at that Jess? Did I make you crack a smile? Or should I get grandma to do it for you? ( See what I did there? ) Did I do it again? I hope so, you need it from what I can see.

You should do something utterly ridiculous, like walk around school with socks on your hands. And while they give you dirty looks you should laugh. Laugh like there's no tomorrow, or like I just tripped down the stairs in slow motion. ( You know it'd be funny.) Or dance in a thunderstorm in your bathing suit. Um, no never mind. I don't want you getting struck by lightning.

For some odd reason this doesn't seem like enough. I feel I should write more, a whole lot more. But I just can't, either way, did this help? Do you feel better now, if not a whole lot, at least a little bit? I hope this wasn't a waste.I really hope so, I wanted to make this perfect. Purely for your enjoyment. To help you up. Take you out of the hole you've dug yourself into. So please Jess, see me. See us, don't be blind.

The End

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