Trying to concentrate on the way to my mom’s room instead of my stabbing temple throbbing again. Giving myself a massage, and hoping to see my mom in better shape everyday. I come to the corner just to reach her room. My pain leaves my body immediately, I not helping  but to jump into a corner and hide as my eyes spot him entering my mom's room. Carrying a huge bouquet of white roses, just like the ones already decorating her room. 

Why? does he really know my mom at all? Does my mom even remember Kian?

Again my curiosity taking the best of me. I decided to stalk them. As he enters the room, I skip quietly behind him. To my luck, he leaves the door slightly open. Although I do have the right to just barge in the room and demand this guy to tell me what his deal with my family is, but knowing him enough, he will do nothing but lie. 

I know Mr. Underwood pays for my mother’s hospital bills and medications, but I never knew of Kian also visits mom and apparently with frequency. Everything looks and has a sense of sketchiness that worries me. Standing right beside the door where I can hear, I lower my head so they won't notice me there. My body as weak as it is, it's making it even harder for me to keep my senses focus.

“How are you, Lauren?” Kian asks in an extremely polite voice, sweet and gentle. It actually surprises me that he can fake it, or he might just like my mom than anyone else. With a guy like him, I can never be sure. Although it only confuses me, to see him worried about me, then acting like a total brute. I just can trust him. 

“Oh my, Kian. I’m doing well, thank you for coming.” mom greets him, again to my surprise she doesn’t sound very sick at all. As a matter of fact she sounds normal, like any healthy person would sound. Can she be faking like he does?

Mom, why?

“How did she treated you?” mom says her voice full of compassion. 

“Lauren, I think, it would be best if it's you who talks to her." he says, my heart warms up at the sound of his soft and sincere voice. I know this voice, is the same voice he talked to me with before. 

"She's very stubborn isn't she?" mom says, her voice holding in a smile.

"I need to keep Angelica close, I need to know she will be fine." his voice turning hopeless.  

Does he really care for me? Stop it heart! You can't believe this jerk.

"If she's safe, I don’t care if she works as a housekeeper, but you understand, don’t you?... Angelica is not safe in that house anymore. Alone... with him.” Kian says.

Can something really happen? but Henry is always with me, I'm not alone.

“Aren’t you afraid that if she stays at your house, she could find out about you?” mom asks, raising more questions in my head. Her tone apologetic and regretful.

"You know that girl better than anyone Kian. You know she won't stop until she finds out why her life is changing." mom says. 

What is going on? I don't get all the mystery. Find out what about Kian? He knows me better than anyone? who is Kian exactly?

“Unfortunately I do know. Angelica is such a free spirit, a pure light in a dark destiny she did not chose... I know for sure she will hate me once she finds out why I want to keep her captive.” Kian says sincerely regretful of something I can remember.

God this is so frustrating!

“I’ve been living with regret all my life...  At that time, I probably made a wrong choice; I never thought this accident would turn out like this. It’s all my fault, Lauren. Me and my power couldn't do anything." Kian voice full of remorse.

"No honey, it's not. If one thing I can tell by being with Angelica all this years is that she's a good girl and forgiven." mom interrupts him, her voice desperate pleading to ease his pain.

"I really hope so, but one thing I'm certain of, even if she hates me. I won’t allow anyone to touch her, even if it means I’ve to lock her down.” he says again, the seriousness of his voice giving me goosebumps. One thing I know for sure, Kian doesn't hesitate when he has to be a brute. 

What’s going on? Why are they talking about faults and regrets? Did something happened, something I don’t know? Why all the secrecy? if I'm in danger why not just tell me and I can cooperate, why locking me down?

Mom why are you lying to Henry and me?

Fighting my reasoning to ask all this question that now I know won't answer. Keeping my mouth shut, I wait for more. Fighting with my headache, my temperature rising again. I can't be hiding anymore, but I need to know. 

“How can you blame yourself when all you’ve done is protect her? you just need to find a way to open her memory. Once she remembers everything will change.” mom says in a sad voice. 

Protect me, from what mom?! God can you say something!

“How can I not protect the only one that loved me even knowing what I am?” Kian says, my heart tightens as I clearly hear his voice tremble. Love him, for who he is. That sentence sinks in my brain and in my heart. I know how Kian is, a brute that abuses of his strength and wealth to obtain what he wants. He might be acting like he cares sometimes, but that it's way deep down all that prepotent act. Even with all this.

Do I love him?

“Angelica will remember, don’t worry.” mom assures him. Confused as I am, getting answers to all my questions.

Can there be something hidden in my memory? what is it that I have to remember? What did I forget?

"Ouch…" the scar burns, realizing that now I'm  running a fever, my body feels weak, my head hurts with confusion and questions. My chest tightens up, trying to stay calm and make it to the nurse. I leave their mystery behind. 

What have I forgotten? 

The End

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