The bright light of a full moon calls upon them. 

Creatures of the night that humans think have disappeared from the world centuries ago, but...

What they don’t know is that this world is not what we think it is. 

When the glow of a full moon falls on us, like a shower of dark beauty, it also is a call for them. 

Them, living among humans, walking around people. Nobody can imagine that the good-looking people are the most dangerous ones. 

Always silent and reserve but with a mysterious unknown force that pulls us in. That force will also reveal itself when the first ray of full moon rises in the dark skies. Their beauty turns them into what they really are. 

Fearful monsters hiding in the pitch darkness of the woods. This hidden world of the night that holds the door to their true form.

The Werewolves.  


It’s dark, very dark; my eyes can’t seem to adjust to the gloominess of the forest. Good thing I’m being carried by something or someone.

Wait! I’m being carried?! By who?!

Trying to move, I stop immediately in shock as the acute thumbing on the right side of my head hits me. The pain intensifies with every sharp stab, making me struggle to hold in the pain.

“It’s alright, Angel. I will make sure you survive.” a deep growling voice says next to my ear. Is it talking to me? Survive? Me? Am I dying?


My body getting more aware of the weakness, my lungs feeling tight making it hard to breathe. I want to break off the knot blocking my voice from crying out, but the exhaustion locks me in.

“Stop struggling. You’re bleeding too much.” the voice demands. 

Oh right, blood.

I can feel the blood flowing down my face. Thick, warm liquid drying out over my eye and smells gross, making my stomach revolt with disgust. 

Blood! Disgusting! Unconsciously I try to lift my hand to touch it, but my arm is numb, almost dead.  

“Angelica, please don’t close your eyes. Try to keep yourself awake." the voice begs. Desperation growing within every growling word. Trying to reply to this voice, I make an effort but it's worthless. Taking my last breath with all I got. I push through.

"It's beautiful." I gathered some energy to compliment the moon, but maybe from the loss of blood, I’m too weak to keep fighting with my heavy eyelids.

"Angelica, wait until I take you to a safe place.” the voice grows desperate, moving at a faster speed. Focusing in the full moon shining through the tall trees. Dashing one after another as whatever is carrying me moves faster.  

“I’m, I’m sorry Kian. I’m too tired.” I finally push the words out; letting my heavy eyelids fall like a curtain over the bright and starry sky. The voice talks again, but I can't make out the words anymore, my brain has already given up.   

“You’re Strong my angel. Don’t forget me.” his words got lost deep in my injured brain and so did the warmth of its fur.  

The End

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