Chapter 6


The dark Aston Martin glided along the shadowy country roads like a serpent.  Inside the car, the two sat in the uncomfortable silence that typically accompanies black tie attire.  The drive wasn’t far, and judging by the company they were about to encounter one would think they would be interested in enjoying each other’s less stuffy company before the gathering. 

“You are wearing too much makeup.”  Brisbane lit a cigarette.  Today, she let him smoke it.

“Thanks,” she answered shortly.

“I just mean,” he gestured vaguely, two fingers nestling the smoke as he desperately tried not to look at her.  “You can’t see your face.  You have a nice face and you cover it up.”

The car twisted up a particularly nasty coil and came to a halt at the gate.

“Donovan and guest, here for the 9:30,” she said to the gates man, handing him her RSVP.

"Guest?!" he whispered.  As the car pulled away Brisbane leaned into her, “They gave you an interval of time?”

“This is a meet and greet,” she answered, “I know you don’t know how it works but these people’s time is very valuable and if we aren’t worth their attention they will simply tell us to enjoy the food.  Which I fully intend to do.  Besides, didn’t you just come to ogle the hardware?”

He smiled at her suggestion, “Well yeah but I can do that at home.”

She brought the car to a stop and Brisbane’s forehead had a brief meet and greet with the dashboard.

“OW!” he shouted.

“Karma,” she quipped as she stepped out of the car, handing off the keys to the valet.  “You have forty five minutes, maybe less to say nothing to anyone.  Please behave.”

He was still rubbing his head when she slipped a slender hand under his arm.

The End

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