Chapter 2

Her russet boot came down on a shred of the morning’s newspaper:

Unemployment in America’s Greatest Cities Jumps to 31%

A voice echoed over the walkway as she passed the masses heading into the city, “Exercise your freedom of expression, with the new generation of Hilton products…“

A hologram of a beautiful woman disintegrated as she swept through it.  The silver case she had received from the agent hung loosely in her left hand. 

“Excuse me miss,” a vendor said in an effort to stop her, “would you possibly be interested in-“

“No.”  She continued down the street.

When she turned around a northeast corner of the city Brisbane’s black motorcycle came into view.  Usually she chose something less lavish but today it felt wrong to keep the beast caged.  She was certain he would be angry.

The parking lot was full of BMWs, Chryslers, Mustangs, and on every corner a traffic camera was pointed directly into the lot.  Keeping tabs.  She crossed to the bike, tucking in the case behind her.  The engine roared at her command and she took off up Bourbon Street. 

Cars seemed to stop and weave behind her as she passed.  Another reason she favored the bike, cops didn’t bother stopping you.  And it made that sound, like duct tape coming off skin. 

A yellow light turned red too quickly and she brought the bike to a screeching halt.  She checked her mirrors, and across the street for delinquents.  The bike drew attention in good ways and bad ways.  A few weeks ago several guys that had probably each benched her body weight were eyeing her from across an intersection, practically drooling.  Luckily, the light had changed.

And here it did again, and before she could even rev the engine a fire-red Prius screamed through the intersection.  Sirens abruptly blared over the intersection speakers and down the street as the Prius almost escaped a black gate dropped in front of it with a massive clunk and the driver was almost certainly no more.

“Great.”  She muttered as she slowly swung the bike through the intersection in the opposite direction.  This would make getting off the island take twice as long tonight.  Certainly Borders were going to use the incident to make her life as difficult as possible at the crossing.  And here, she was already late.

The End

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