Donovan & Fox


“Ms.  Donovan.”  A crisp-looking man in his twenties entered the room, twisting his shoulders away from her like a flamingo.  A government flamingo, she mused to herself.  “Wife of Brisbane Fox-“

“Girlfriend.”  The man looked at her, incredulous.  She seemed irritated, “I’m his girlfriend.  Not his wife.  Do you really think I would marry that man?”

The flamingo rolled his eyes, “Girlfriend of Brisbane Fox, daughter to Debra and Greg Donovan.  Your parents are tax donors and volunteer at St. Luke’s.  However, according to this file, you have not given back to your community in a similar manner for over a year.”

She scratched the side of her head with dark nails, “It’s been a busy year.”

“And I see you have had over a decade of fertility and no children…” he flipped through a beige file folder, “not even for adoption, interesting.” 

He kept rattling off details like she wasn’t even there, “Disorganized recycling patterns over the last ten years, not an organ donor, you’ve fudged your taxes a couple of times… what are you doing here Ms. Donovan?  I’m ashamed to look you in the face.”

“Just give it to him," she interjected.  "We know you have one, and it costs you nothing to give it to us.”  Her eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms. 

He stood, tugging on the sides of his lapel, “I’ll have to talk to the department.  You’ll need to come back-“

“Oh, come on,” she interrupted. “You don’t answer to anyone.  Do you really want to deal with me twice?” 

A long silence passed between them.  The agent finally turned to look straight at her.  If he hadn’t been a government employee, she would have thought him cute.  He had that hooded-eye thing she loved. 

“You know you won’t be able to come here in his place forever, right?" he clarified. "And someday I’ll be able to connect you to whatever it is he’s doing and you will regret the day you first came here.”

She smiled, “I’m betting you have enough on your hands without worrying about Brisbane.”

The agent made a faint sound of acknowledgement under his breath, “Just know that I’m nicer than the average Vanguard.  You won’t be able to travel so easily in the future.  There’s a... change occurring as we speak.”

She stood, “I’ll keep it under advisement.  Which way?”

The End

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