Very Strange, Indeed

"This is a very strange dream," Donno said aloud, as he felt his body being yanked from the coccoon of blankets. "I wonder what will happen next."

He felt his body hit the floor, his legs still tangled in the bedsheets. He blinked. He glanced at the familliar little bedroom. The room was silent except for the sound of Donno's own breathing. Slowly he grabbed the edge of the bed and pulled himself up, looking warily around. If there was a creature, it was gone now.

"That was the strangest..." He shook his head, stretched his arms, and looked back at the pile of blankets that were now on the floor. He'd never fallen out of bed before, that he could recall.

"I'm thirsty," he said to himself, and went to the door of the bedroom. A cool glass of water would help him sleep. As he turned the handle, he noticed to his surprise that it seemed stuck. He yanked hard on it, and the door opened. For a moment, Donno expected to see some sort of vortex on the other side of the door, but there was nothing except the familliar dark hallway leading to the stairs.

He made his way down the hall, stepped lightly down the eleven stairs, and descended into the kitchen. The sight of the faint florescent light above the sink comforted him. He stepped over the the cabinet, opened it, grabbed a drinking glass, and then went to the sink. He was tempted to glance around before he turned it on, but there was nothing unusual about the house that he could see. Still, he hadn't realized how spooky something so familliar could be in the middle of the night. The oven clock read 2:14.

After his drink, he set the glass on the counter top and went back up the stairs, down the hallway to his room. The house was still quiet. Donno relaxed as he turned the handle of his door, but it didn't open. He jiggled it. Nothing happened.

Donno pushed on the door with his hands, and then turned and leaned against it. It was locked.


The End

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