Donno Discovers Words

Donno learns to write a scary story. More later.

Donno was well aware that every really spooky story started a with good description. The only trouble was, he didn't know where to begin.

It was a cold winter evening, and the wind howled in the trees, he scrawled, and then scribbled furiously, covering each word with a series of angry, jagged lines. "No, that won't do at all," he decided, tossing the bitten-down yellow pencil aside with a sigh of disgust. "Much too dramatic. Let me see now." And he tried again, A crow stared into the darkness with bloodthirsy eyes. "Now that's just ridiculous," he grumbled. "I'll never be able to finish this!"

Donno sighed in defeat and flung his pencil to the floor, where it evaporated into the shadows under his bed, along with his inspiration. "I'm too tired right now," he muttered, climbing into bed. "Maybe in the morning, I'll think of something." He smiled to himself. "I just need to think about it, that's all." He closed his eyes.

Outside Donno's window, the streetlamps flickered pale green; little circles of light in a silent, darkened world.

The End

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