Club Penguin and Kenneth

You might at some point in your life have come across a webstie called Club Penguin. If you haven't, it's a moderated children's site were you "Waddle around and have some fun." You have a penguin avatar that you can buy clothes for with the coins you earn by playing games. You can decorate an igloo, go on missions blah blah. 

When I was younger. Club Penguin was the big thing, everyone played. I was among the first, introdued by one of my cousins. A few years later, I'd just started Secondary school and my friend said,

'Hey let's meet up on Club Penguin.'

I agreed and we chose a server and logged in. We'd been wandering around doing random stuff for a few minutes when another Penguin waddled up to us. His name was something like Kenneth101. He just started following us around. Whenever we stopped, he'd waddle up to me and start doing the heart emoticon. 

The creepiest bit is that he then started asking me where I was from. I asked him where he was from. He said Ireland. 

Now all this might have just gone straight over my head if it hadn't been for the brillinat demonstration of stupidity I saw the next day. This particular friend and I told people about this the next day, telling then to beware "Kenneth the Irish Penguin." We left out the part about where he was from, thinking it was kind of obvious. The reply we got from the story was:

'So where was he actually from?'

Where do you think? Poland?

The End

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