Inside the mind

The story of my life as a crazy introvert

As you will probably already know, the inside of people's minds are confusing places, this also goes for mine. They say that thoughts are controlled by a series of reactions, electricity and neurons, but I won't go into detail of that for fear of sounding like my dad.

Of course that is literally speaking, but I'm not going to talk about the literal side of it. I want to talk about the metaphorical side of it. Everyone thinks differently, even if they seem "the same as everyone else" as everyone so wants to be these days. Inside some people's brains are bunnies and long grass, some have wolves and guniea pigs. There's those with mascara and shopping, India and America, the ... disturbing ones (yes I am looking at you), adn all those who are obsessed wiht Satan and blackness. 

It's the same wiht religion, even my grandma and I believe slightly different things. Even religion is different. Two Hindus will believe slightly different things, so will two Christians, two Jews (sorry all of those I have left out, I used the first that sprang to mind).

So in this... let's just call it a blog of sorts, I'll try to explain to you what goes on in my mind, along with moments of my past and present, my feelings and thoughts and just generally my life.

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The End

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