Such a Calamity!

The noise outside continued to persist, as she bound the covers around her ears tightly. The neighbours will be awake if they could hear the racket they were making. Edna leant forward slightly, peering over the windowsill, pinning her ears back so that they could not see. One of them noticed and responded this time by throwing a large object that crashed against the window causing the pane to shake. They began to roar like football hooligans now. Edna panicked, throwing herself back underneath her covers again.


"Please be quiet, I don't want no trouble," she whispered 

"Please be quiet."


The clamour continued, this time more abusive and hostile. Each insult being broken by a young child's laughter, who was clearly quite amused by his older friends.

Edna could hear her  mum begin to come up the stairs. She curled up into an even tighter ball. "Oh no." She squeaked. 

Her mum opened the door, "What is going on?" 

"Those bloody kids aren't bothering you again." 

The lady strode across the room and flung the window open.

"Oi!" she screamed, "You leave my daughter alone." 

The kid's broke out into laughter, the eldest began to challenge the young lady's authority. "Yer what are you guna do about it, you're not old enough to be her mum!" He began to yell obscenities towards her. 

The Poor lady went quiet for a moment,

"ooooh, piss off!" She remarked slamming the window shut. She turned and looked at her kid in disapppointment, "What have I told you about those kids Edna, they are nothing but trouble." Silence filled the room, mother stared at her as Edna began to reveal herself. She let off a sigh, "oh Edna."

Edna began to cry as her mother comforted her, gripping her tight in her arms. She drew back and studied donkey ear's eyes. There lay such innocence in those eyes, a lot of pain lay deep within them. "My poor sweet child,"  Lisa thought, "I love you." 

A stone came crashing in through the window, smashing over  a lampshade on the bedside table, startling both of them, "What the..." The mother screamed, throwing herself from the bed. The crowd had almost doubled now to about eight people. Bigger stronger young man had gathered for the freak show, but this time the abuse was aimed towards the mother this time. "You don't belong here, go back to planet ugly!" A shoe was thrown, bottles began to smash against the wall shattering, peices flying into the room.

"ooh screw this, I'm calling the police." Lisa cried.





The End

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