DoMUW: Galviesin

Galviesin (Ghal - 'vee - ess - in)

A small instrument designed to painlessly remove knots in hair. Invented by the elves in Dungeons and Dragons (hence the name), the elves lived long and prosperous lives. Almost as long as their hair in fact.

Unfortunately the elves died thanks to an outbreak of the Trolls, and the secrets of making galviesin died with them. Humans came much later with the idea of a comb, which does the same purpose except the removing of knots causes pain to the user.

Archaeologists have discovered a galviesin hidden far underground. However, they did not know what to do with it, and thought it was another tool for digging. The galviesin has been lost of the ages, possibly never to be seen again. You have 'years of expertise' to blame for that.

The cousin to the galviesin, the Human comb, is similar in size and shape to the galviesin, according to the team who found it. The galviesin, they recall, was silver in colour, and stayed warm independent of its surroundings. Scientists and metallurgists are getting very excited by this: "If we could find out the structural shape of this metal, and reproduce it, serious progress could be made in the fight against global warming," say the scientists. "It's a new metal, what's not to like?" say the metallurgists.

Unless we find another, or somehow recover the one that was lost, the galviesin will be lost to all time. This must be kept as a reminder to future generations: If you see something interesting, don't try to dig with it.

The End

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