5. Alexis

My eyes widened. No doubt. It was that same girl who was smiling at me weirdly at Elaine's house. A part of me didn't believe that it was really her. But who else would've reacted the way she did? 

Thank God Miranda spoke up. "What's wrong? Alexis? John?" She was speaking to both of us. Her glances alternating. 

"Nothing," Alexis said quickly before I could answer. She shot me a menacing look which I interpreted to "You better keep your mouth shut." She picked up her books and stormed off. 

I did intend on telling Miranda what I knew about Alexis, but there was something that made me do otherwise. I'm not sure what. Why wouldn't she want me to tell? Unless the look meant something else.

"Okay then..." one of Miranda's friends said awkwardly. 

As we were walking to the cafeteria, Miranda introduced me to all of her friends in the group.

Julie was the skinny girl with short chocolate brown hair that flipped out from her face. I couldn't help but notice her wardrobe. There was something that was unique about the way she dressed. I noticed that she dressed very colorful and corresponding. She had a waist high pink fluffy tutu and tucked inside was a grey t shirt with the words "What a beautiful day" in cursive. Around her neck a huge pink bead necklace was hanging. To me, she seemed like an optimistic person, although she was very awkward. The way she walked was like a gazelle. It was like she hopped; her toes hardly touched the floor.

Daniel--he told me to call him Danny--was like the life of the party. He was one of those guys that everyone knew. He was one of those guys that would always talk aloud in class. 

"What was Alexis's deal?" Danny asked on the way to the cafeteria. 

I kept my eyes on the ground as Julie answered.

"I dunno. Do you know her or something, John?"

I hesitated, "Uh not really." Which was true. I didn't know anything about her. I've only seen her.

When we got to the cafeteria, I tried not to notice the girls turning their heads. Just keep your eyes straight, I told myself. When I glanced at Sabrina her eyes were already on me. She blushed and turned away quickly. She looked upset. 

After we got our food, I made sure to be behind Miranda because 1. I didn't want to be visible and 2. I didn't know where to go. 

There was a curly headed blonde girl sitting alone at a table. Her back was turned to us. I saw the group turn sharply to her and they all sat down across from the girl. I made sure that I sat as far away from her but close enough to the group so I didn't look like a loner. I took a seat next to Miranda.

Her eyes glanced up from her bowl of peas which she was collecting on the prongs of her fork. 

"Hello," She said.

"Alexis, are you alright?" Danny asked.

"Yes, I am alright," she said in a monotone voice. She seemed lifeless, like she didn't look sad or upset or angry. Just nothing. Like a lifeless rock. 

I tapped Miranda on the shoulder and gave her a questioning look. She shrugged. 

"Well whatever you say then." Danny started pigging out in his lunch. 

"So John. Tell us about yourself," Miranda voiced up. Danny leaned his head around Miranda watching me with his mouth full of pizza. Alexis gave no attention to me whatsoever. 

"Like what?"

"Whatever you want us to know. How about: What kind of music do you like?" 

"Uh, I like Van Morrison." I knew I should've said something more  I kept my eyes on Miranda but I saw a blonde shoot her eyes directly at me and back down at her food.

The End

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