Now eighteen, and legally an adult, Casey is finally able to take matters into her own hands and fulfill the dream of having James living at home with her permanently. However, things aren't as simple as she might like them to be. With tempers rising and old flames causing havoc, Casey and Ben's relationship will once again be put to the test.

When life hits you hard you need to get right back up again and fight back even harder, but this should be done in a manner that will not provoke more havoc onto yours or your loved ones lives at a later point.

    Life cannot be lived through a series of little white lies without escalading into completely new realities which lack any truth or honesty whatsoever.

     The domino effect is something that, once started, will cause everything that was once calm and unharmed to come crashing down before your very eyes, leaving you to pick up the pieces and attempt to bring order back to your life; the biggest and most competitive game of all.

The End

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