Jodi Middle

Jodi whipped through the hospital corridors, the sterile smells of the building clogged up her brain, just what she needed on her first day.


She’d only moved to quiet New Hampshire for the amazing new job, after years of studying and difficult work, she’d been offered a position as a surgeon, only a small town, but still a dream come true. The work couldn’t be that hard, could it?

Proudly, she pushed open her oak door into her office, big, with all her necessities

Giving her hair a quick brush, she sat down and rifled through the papers on her desk


And there went her good mood.


She would be having a long term patient transferred to her care within the next 2 weeks, as his current doctor was moving on, and seeing as she’s be handling most of his operations, it had fallen to her to sort his medical care.


Shaking her head, she grabbed the attached file; it couldn’t be that bad surely? Maybe he’d only come in every few months, she thought, as she opened the file, marked Darren Finnegan.


Date of birth, 26th April 2005. Blood type AO, parents Mimi Finnegan and Ronald Finnegan.


She idly flipped to the next page, already bored.


Then she saw the picture.


It was the picture taken from his first appointment 2 years ago, a small child, chubby face with large green eyes filled with tears as they stared into the camera.

All of his skin was cracked, mostly red with smatterings of black and white skin, on his head, a few wispy bits of hair were growing from the charred top, most of his face was swollen.


 Admitted 21st December 2007, Severe 3rd degree burns and tissue damage. May need further treatment.

Discharged 2nd January 2008.  Further Appointments made.

16th January 2008. Check up handled by Doctor Broker. Damage to veins and vision found. Further appointment in case of more damage.

25th January 2008.  Acute Lung Damage, patient admitted for emergency surgery to clear Lungs.

28th January. Discharged.

6th February. Emergency Admission collapsed at home. Further examination shows deep vein problems. Possible tissue Damage. Vision deteriorating

10th February: Laser treatment for vision. Some Improvement.

11th February: Discharged.

15thFebruary: Admitted for tissue cell implant.

20th February: Discharged.

1st March: Examination shows veins need urgent attention, swelling and tissue damage in legs stopping movement, physio needed.

16th March: Emergency admission, Myocardial Infarction. Heart attack from restricted blood flow. Surgery booked.


Jodi pushed the file away; She didn’t want to read more, what had happened to this kid?

A brief knock on the door disturbed her thoughts.


“Dr Middle? Darren’s ready to meet you.”


Was she ready to meet him?


The End

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