Domino Effect

Darren had an accident, and for the last 2years the effects it caused still ripple through his family, as he is faced with a decision of his life, will he choose him or his family?

Charlene let her eyes flick open for a moment, and then wanted to close them again.

Monday morning; hooray.

Slowly lifting her body from her cosy bed, the sleep started to unfurl from her mind. She drudged down the stairs, into the crumby kitchen.

Mimi had got up early today, earnestly cleaning the kitchen, trying to disguise why she had risen at this hour.

She didn’t fool anyone.

Without a word, Charlene poured her discount cereal into a chipped bowl, ignoring her mother’s furtive glances, eventually she caved in.

“ What is it today?”

“They’re treating a burnt vein, so that the blood can flow through again.”

Barley nodding, she concentrated on stirring the lumpy breakfast.

Suddenly, a low moan came from upstairs.

Mimi whipped to the foot of the stairs, calling out worriedly.

“Darren? Darren sweetie, you hurt?”

“No, don’t worry Mom, it’s only me with a broken toe.”

She heard Mimi tut; before trudging up the stairs to attend to her other daughter.

Sarah had been so frustrating ever since she’d started high school, mouthing at everyone for being their, and gossiping about them if they weren’t. She’d come a long way from the simpering sister Charlene remembered.

Another shout, a snapping remark, and then some stomps down the stairs. A door slamming open.

“WHAT?” The yell was almost choked out of Sarah’s mouth. Her pouted lips were flayed apart as she spat obscenities at her older sister.

“I’m only eating breakfast.” She replied calmly, staring at the table, memorizing the weathered whorls.

“ I’m so fed up of everyone looking after Darren! Nobody notices me!” She raved on, mostly to herself.

“I think everyone can notice you, your screaming your precious head of.”

“At least I’m not just a meek mouse who sits there, “Yes mummy, No mummy” It’s pathetic, I just do what I want, not agree so I can suck up to Mom.”

“I don’t be a little thug so Mom will notice me.”

It was a good job Sarah was only I her PJ’s, and not carrying any of her heavy duty make up equipment.

The only thing in reach was the slowly mouldering loaf of bread, it was almost entertaining to see it spiral through the air, while Sarah spiralled out of the room.

It wasn’t entertaining cleaning up the mess afterwards though.

As she threw the slices into their bin, Charlene listened desperately for any sounds upstairs, nope, nothing on the radar, she sighed as she flipped the lid down, then crept upstairs.

When she reached the landing, she could hear snuffles, which room? She dared to take another step, them realised it was her mother’s. Dad was out late again. As she grew closer, the sound grew louder.

Loud enough for Darren to hear.

Reluctantly, she walked past the door, towards Darren’s, carefully pushing it open, she saw him curled up on the bed, making minuscule moans to himself.

“Hey little guy.” She said gently, balancing on the corner of the bed.

“It really hurts today!” He said, groaning deeply.

“It’s ok, the doctor’s are gonna make you better today.”

“Like they did last month? Or back in January? If they made me better, why am I still like this?”

Charlene said nothing; she simply got up and walked out.

The End

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