Chapter one...

Every endless night...has a dawning day...that's what she usually thinks about when she stares at the plain white ceiling in the dark...Every night..every single night passes by in agony...with long stares..and thoughts in her head that never quiet down... It's funny how always a romantic story starts with the darkest night...but yet again...the light would be under appreciated without those long lonely nights..

She was young..around mid-twenties. Never left her country before. And now she finds herself dark dump apartment...counting ships in the dark once again..waiting for the first ray of light to find its way through the curtains. How she wished sometimes her pride was an asset instead of a curse.. Now she left her family..her least the ones that mattered...she hopped onto a plane...and there she goes..all by herself for the first time. It's weird sometimes..when you think you have everything figured out, how fate finds a way to shake you the worst kind of way.. 

The sound of the alarm actually woke her up.She wondered whether those thoughts were a dream..or if she was actually awake taking mental notes once again. The story of her life. Probably she was always like this...but it took a while to find out. Twenty six years to be exact. 

She dragged herself into the shower. The hot water sent shivers down her spine and she stood there as if she waited for an apocalypse or something. Snooze alarm sounded in the background.She pretended it wasn't eight in the morning and kept swirling around making splashing noises. "Stupid alarm" she murmured  as she reached for the towel. She rushed back in the bedroom and hit the dismiss button as the clock informed her she was running late. "Damn it!!Not again!!!" 

The morning was humid enough. Not as much as the previous day...but enough to make your bones hurt..literally. The sun was up for good. She wished she could just walk around all day instead of holding a tray and serve coffees that usually she couldn't least in a regular daily basis..

The subway ride was long...but fast at the same time.The usual faces at the usual time.The girl with the ipod banging her head around, the guy with the empty stare holding his briefcase, the old man with his hat and paper going God knows where every morning.. and she was going to serve coffee..again..and again..and again..for eight whole hours...perfect!

The escalator was filled with people getting off at the same stop as hers. She waited passionately for her turn to step off while checking her watch..almost on time. She hurried through the square to the entrance of the coffee shop. She hoped she wouldn't be in trouble..Matina was there smiling..She signed..All good..

The End

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