The Number Letter



The rest of the day was a long progression of momentous classes. Dominik did his best to look alert and interested but the things they studied in math were so mundane. Dominik strove to keep his brilliance from showing. The last thing he wanted was all the attention of a child prodigy. 

The bell finally rang at the end of a particularly dull Algebra 2 class. The teacher had called on him twice and he had been forced to pretend he wasn’t paying attention. He could have mentally solved for the unknown in the time the teacher put the marker to the board. He walked towards his locker. People were giving him a wide berth now, a fact which didn’t bother him at all. With a twist of his key he opened his locker. Immediately he could tell something was different. The locker was empty as before but something had changed. He phased out everything except him and the locker, he was in a state of completely focus. Nothing else existed.  Then it hit him, the dimensions had changed ever so slightly. He reached in the locker and felt the sides. His fingers probed the aluminum.  When he pressed the top of the locker. It was slightly thicker and harder to press.

Dominik’s fingers immediately felt the cracks. He stuck his finger nails into the tiny crack. The top of the locker gave way a fraction of a centimeter. Everyone was talking and heading the cafeteria. They didn’t exist to Dominik. He was stealthily reaching to one of his massive pockets. His fingers closed on tiny screw driver. He carefully inserted it into the crack and pried it wider. The fake aluminum gave way. Dominik found that between the two sheets of aluminum there was a white envelope. He shivered with excitement as he reached for it. He snatched it and quickly stowed it up his sleeve. He glanced around but everyone seemed to preoccupied with their boring mediocre lives. He threw his bag into the locker and practically sprinted to the bathroom.

He threw himself into an empty stall and forced himself to take a deep breath. He studied the envelope carefully but it had no marking of any kind on the outside. He whipped out his tiny penknife from his back pocket. Upon opening the envelope he took out an extremely thin piece of paper. On it was a huge collection of numbers. The whole paper was jam packed with them. To the average person it looked like gibberish but after two seconds Dominik realized there was a pattern. It was a quite simple code. Each number stood for a letter. Dominik knew how to match each letter to each number because the code was in alphabetical order. ‘A’ was 1 and ‘B’ was 2 and so on. Another person would have to sit down and meticulously interpret it one letter at a time Dominik simply translated it mentally. It read,


Dominik Fox,


You have been specially selected for a great honor. You are going to participate in a genius competition. We are well aware of your superior intellect; we wish to see just how superior it is. You will undergo a series of challenges failure of a challenge will result in your disqualification and of course that comes with a penalty. It is the ultimate price to pay, death. You will be killed the second you lose.  Of course if you are victorious over your peers you will gain a many rewards. Have you ever wondered who your real parents are why you are so unique? We have the answers but you must earn them. If you don’t believe this letter below we have information only an organization of our caliber could provide. We’ve been watching you. You will be contacted tomorrow.


Dominik’s hands were shaking and his heart beat wildly. There could be no doubt of the letter’s authenticity. Below the paragraph written in tiny letters was a complete record about everything he had done the last month. Every place, every purchase right down to the soldering iron in his pocket. Dominik Fox smiled a strange giddy smile, his life had finally gotten interesting. 

The End

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