I noticed that Dominik didn't attend the rest of lessons that day. Sick with fear and cold apprehension, I could only suffer the boring lessons until the end of the day. When I got home, I sat on my bed and thought.

Why had Dominik had to do this? Why did he have to be so determined to prove something? Why couldn't he just be happy with life how it was? With school and normal things and ... me? I sighed and realised that I wasn't much motivation to detract from dangerous activities. I could never hope to be good enough company or great enough distraction for Dominik Fox.

I stood up. I needed some air. I left the house, calling to my parents to let them know where I was going. I walked up and down the street, hands in jeans pockets, sighing discontentedly. It took a while for me to notice I was pacing in front of Dominik's house, as if hoping he would suddenly appear and tell me everything was okay, that he wasn't going to go on thiz crazy mission after all.

I sighed and began heading back for my own house.

I hoped Dominik wouldn't get himself killed. I really didn't know what I was going to do if he died.

Suddenly a gloved hand was shoved over my mouth, seemingly out of nowhere. I struggled but the hands that grabbed me were too strong. I was bundled into a black limousine and driven to an office building in some town or city.

The car was parked and I was locked in for the night, after briefly being allowed to go into a public toilet.

In the morning, the man who had kidnapped me threw me unmercifuly at the feet of a man dressed up as a homeless person who then pulled me, kicking and screaming, into a dark, freezing auditorium.

I spotted Dominik.

Why had I been brought here? And what were they going to do with me?

The End

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