The Auditorium

At 9:55 Dominik put down his binoculars. There had been nothing in his four hour surveillance. He gingerly climbed down the many steel ladders to the floor of the warehouse. Outside he breathed in the crisp morning air. That’s when he became aware of them, his opponents. They all seemed to come out of nowhere. A fourteen year old girl stepped out of a limousine, a black clad figure rappelled down a rope to the ground, and a hairy faced young man sauntered up the road. There were others as well but Dominik could not make them all out.

He shrugged and stepped out of the doorway and towards the tinted glass double doors of the building. His tactic was to look like he should not be here and that he was a complete air head with no place among them. Dominik was determined to make his opponents underestimate him. As if by an unspoken rule none of them talked to one another. Dominik walked behind the unshaven man who slipped into the building behind the rest of the group. There was a young woman behind the front desk she did not smile as she gestured to a large room to her left.

They all filed in to what was a dark massive auditorium. In the room there were eight large arm chairs into which each of them settled. Suddenly a spotlight came on. Standing at a podium in the center of the room was a tall, bald Caucasian man. He was dressed in a black suit and the light above him cast shadows on his face.  He spoke,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Apex Incorporated. You have all been summoned because you have mental capabilities superior to other humans. You see, here at Apex we value intelligence above all else and we are seeking to expand our staff obviously we intend to choose our employees wisely.

I will be blunt only one of you will survive the coming ordeal. That one will be given the answer to all his or her questions and receive all the rewards. The rest of you will die. There can be no one with the knowledge of Apex who is not a part of it. You have e no choice but to win or die. There is no backing out. You are all under surveillance and will be shot the moment you seek to contact someone.”

H e was interrupted by the entrance of the “homeless” guard. Dominik’s heart dropped when he saw the person he was dragging was Mindy.

The End

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