One of his foster parents, “Aunt” Martha opened the door before he could get to it. There was no one there. On the ground there was an envelope it was inscribed to Dominik Fox.  Dominik lunged at it and tore it open. Martha was a kind lady but she never appreciated Dominik’s mysterious ways.

“Dom, who is it from?” She asked.

“A friend.” replied Dominik.

Without waiting for an answer Dominik tore towards his room, cargo pants swishing as he ran. On the paper was an address and the time. Without hesitation Dominik booted up his custom built computer. It was perfectly suited to his needs. He had long since gained access the military network. It had taken him two days of hacking nonstop to crack the firewall. But it was worth it. He quickly got the coordinates from Google maps and plugged them into a satellite guidance system. He was not pleased with the results. The building was like any other modern office building.

The letter had said ten in the morning, Dominik was going to get there and stake it out at six o’clock. Domink went to his bed and started emptying his pockets. When he was done there was a myriad of things on the bed. There were things from a mini wrench set to a box of toothpicks. Dominik began to sort it all out. Two hours later he was finished. He had reluctantly left most of it behind and stuck with the bare essentials.

The rest of the day was a very restless one for Dominik he had no leads to follow. He paced about his room wracking his brain for some clue, something he may have over looked. But to no avail it seemed he would simply have to find out tomorrow. Night brought no solace even though he calculated pi to a hundred places. At 4:30 AM his alarm clock buzzed and he jumped out of bed. He pulled on his sneakers and left a note to his foster parents that he would be leaving for school early today. After making one final check of his pockets Dominik slipped out of the house.

After a brisk walk in the crisp morning air Dominik arrived at the same block as the office building. It took him four seconds to pick the lock on the old abandoned warehouse across the street. Inside he did not bother turning on the lights he had memorized the blueprint and quickly scurried up a couple of ladders to the roof. He lay carefully across the rickety boards and pulled from one of his pockets his night vision binoculars. In the green colored light he could uncover nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly something caught his eye, it was a sleeping homeless man in front of the office building.

Upon zooming in Dominik saw that this was just a disguise. The man’s muscles were enormous and his eye lids were not completely closed. Dominik keen eyes also discerned a bulge on his leg which indicated a firearm. Dominik was certain he was a guard. This was the only observation Dominik was able to successfully make. For hours nothing changed except the sun creeping over the building tops.

The End

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