Dominik was shaking when he stormed out of the cafeteria. He could not understand what had happened. He knew that Mindy cared about him and he also knew that to some degree she was right. Dominik stopped just outside the door. He took a deep calming breath and thought of music. Thinking of music had always calmed Dominik, the notes of the song rang out in his head and as he mentally sang Beethoven’s fifth to himself he felt his pulse slow.

Dominik began to form his course of action. Usually before he made the plan he had all the variables so he would play out the plan in his mind. This time he could not create a plan because he did not have the information necessary. Instead Dominik resolved to simply be as well prepared as he could for when the summons came. He left school early that day. He did not even bother to excuse himself as sick. He felt a pang of guilt that he had not apologized to Mindy. After all she was his only friend and she had only been trying to help him.

He shrugged this off resolving to tell her about it when all this was over. “If you survive”. said a voice in the back of his head.  When he went home he did a complete inventory of all his supplies. He carefully decided which ones he wanted on his person. Being encumbered by extra material was not something he was prepared to tolerate.   He took the envelope from his sleeve, he wanted to search for finger prints on it. Though even while digging out his chemistry kit from under the bed he suspected he would not find any.

Sure enough, after applying the necessary chemicals the only fingerprints he found were his own. The chemicals uncovered something else; it was a small message that read. Fingerprints Dominik?

This shook Dominik and for the first time since reading the letter he felt a tendril of doubt creep into his mind. He was dealing with something very serious. The doorbell rang and Dominik jumped.

The End

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