Far too risky.

"A challenge where if you lose you die?" I asked, horrified.

Dominik nodded, looking unfazed by the prospect of death.

"And you're going to enter it?!"

Dominik nodded again.

"You can't! Dominik, this is crazy!"

"The winner gets to find out the answer to questions no one else can answer!"

"How would the challenge organisers know that stuff? It might be a trap! And you might not win. If you lost, you'd be dead. And then you'd never find out."

Dominik looked insulted. "You think I can't do it?"

"I didn't say that..."

But Dominik looked annoyed. "You know how boring my life is at the moment. We're surrounded by these stupid people who do nothing exciting or entertaining. Or would you like to be invited to their 'parties' too?"

"Dominik, I don't care how bored you are! You can't risk your life for such ... insignificant things. Come on, you're intelligent. Think!"

"What I think is that the consequences of not accepting the challenge would be undesirable. What I think is that these people are clever enough to know the answers to my questions: they know what I've been doing over the last month. What I think is that you don't really care about my life - you probably think I think I'm better than everything else. What I think is that you're horrible."

"Dominik! I care about you. And if I didn't care, why would I be worried about you dying?!"

"You offend me by suggesting I could fail!"

"Dom, nobody's all-knowing. And what if the test involves sports - you hate them and are terrible at them? Is it really worth dying because you can't play football?"

"You have no idea what the tests will be."

"Neither do you!"

"I can persevere. If I never tried, what would that say about me?"

"That you were sensible and you valued your life. That you cared about upsetting your only friend."

"Is that what this is?! You don't want me to do this because you'd be upest. You're so selfish Mindy!"

"Listen to yourself!" I said as he stood up. "You're calling me selfish for caring."

"You don't care: you never cared."

"I always cared. Dom, don't do this."

"Shut up!" He said it so violently that my mouth closed. It hurt me to see him like this: so desiring a challenge that he was ready to die for it. He wasn't quite sane, Dominik...

As he stormed off, I wondered if he'd ever talk to me again. Ouch. Maybe I was selfish like he'd said.

The End

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