Dominik Fox



Dominik Fox... Had it really only been five years that I'd known him? The respect and admiration I had developed for him seemed to great to be merely the product of a half-decade long friendship. To be a friend of this mysterious, intelligent ... legend was truly an honour.

He was ... a bit of a rebel, Dominik. Not violent but ... deceptive. Sometimes, I didn't really know how he regarded me. He confided in me, apparently because of my forwardness (the amount of times I had confronted him about his past!), but I didn't know whether that meant he liked me or just appreciated me in the way you might appreciate a stray dog which followed you when you entered scary buildings: for being there. The mystery ... was slightly attractive but only in the way it drew me to him (and mostly, I wasn't aware until I realised I was contributing to his latest idea despite the fact I never desired to involve myself in such things) - I may have  thought him so cool that I was almost jealous of his way of thinking, but we were strictly friends. I think I found him ... fascinating.

He was totally unpredictable (and not just when he was confusing me by giving me a sudden high five - which was the most affection he showed to anyone). I often found myself running after him, shouting "What is it? What is it?!" as he exclaimed a word such as "Brilliant!" and "Genius!" while heading for his room which was where he came up with all his plans and made proper blueprints.

I doubt I'll ever figure out what kind of person he is at the core but I do know this. I will remain loyal to him if my life depends on the opposite. I couldn't face the look of hurt or betrayal on his face if I went against him. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm too  trusting and if, one of these days, he's either going to turn round and tell me I'm completely useless and that he never even liked me or he's going to put my life in danger. Yes, I agree with him that life would be dull without a little risk, but rashness was never advisable or desirable. The thought of extreme peril scares me...

The End

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