Domicile of No Remorse: Ch VII

The next obstacle ahead of us was the twin to the previous door. Tonsworth took initiative and opened it rapidly, same as the other; just enough to squeeze through. Before walking in, a strange sound was heard. Honteyr grabbed Tonsworth and pulled him back. Almost simotaneously, an explosion erupted. We hit the ground fast and Tonsworth falling back, shot off a round out of his semi-automatic rifle.

"Boucing Betty!" He yelled. "Damn S-mines. Breech carefully there may be more."

After saying so, we heard screams from inside the next room. "Hurry and get in there!" Royith yelled. "It's our guys!"

 Tonsworth kicked the door open all the way triggering another Nazi mine.  We filed in quickly and saw nothing save darkness. Once we all entered, screams echoed everywhere in the darkness bewildering us. A sudden light emitted, followed almost instantly by a heatwave. I scanned the room rapidly, torches lining the side walls lit unexpectedly. Interior walls were broken down, boxes scattered along the cement floor. Our eyes shot rapidly to the newly opened window on the far wall. A man in U.S army combats was propelled outside.

"What the hell happened?" Royith screamed. "Chaine, Honteyr, Tonsworth, secure all windows!" We ran to a window each, I checked the far one. As I ran to the window, I saw corpses of our troops on the ground, blood covered and naked. None were left alive.

Besides the window I was heading to, there were two other windows and a new door, leaving us with five exit, or entrance, points. I looked ot the window to the plain from which we came and it was left the same. "Clear from here." I said. Honteyr and Tonsworth agreed. Royith checked the other door and it seemed to be locked from the outside.

"What is going on?" Honteyr asked clearly frightened. "That poor man, these corpses, the torches?"

"I don't know." Royith said whiping is forehead. "But what I do know is that there are confirmed hostiles on out postition. Stay clear from windows for a sniper is sure to be scoping us out right now."

I turned to close the shutters to my window when I saw a blur fly infront of my face. I suddenly got pulled outward. I quickly grabbed the window sill in one hand and my Colt .45 side arm in the other. I shot the hand that was grasping onto my combat jacket and it released instantly. I was now hanging from the window on the outside.

Royith and Honteyr pulled me up and we closed the shutters. "Stay clear from the windows but watch them sternly!"

The End

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