Domicile of No Remorse: Ch. VI

Along with Honteyr, Tonsoworth squeezed into the room leaving the door open. I looked to Alexandria, her beautiful green eyes magnified from the water welling up. I wiped the tears away and held her tightly. "It is okay. If anyone is awake, we would know by now. And if they are asleep, slleping Nazi's are one of the best type there is. Just stick close to me and nothing will happen to you." I took a comforting step up to the next stair and she followed slightly shaking.

We walked in next. I saw a white room with a single barred window to our right.  I saw Honteyr and Tonsworth huddled around a corner. I walked over and peered over their shoulders. I saw a horrific sight; blood, guts, and gore smeared on the wall as if it was paint. Partially dried blood covered atleast three feet in every direction.

Captain walked over and took a brief look at the rust coloured wall. "Damn it. How fresh is it?"

Tonsworth swiped a finger on the floor and he observed the tip of his glove. The blood was starting to solidify. "Fairly new, Sir. Cant be more than a week old for sure."

"Alright. Stay cautious this building is not abandoned then. Wait, what is this?" We turned and followed his gaze to the ground underneath us. We saw handprints created with blood also. They led approximatley five feet from the corner then a pool of rust was found. I knelt to the ground and saw a note enscripted in the only thing around. It read:

For anyone who finds this place
LEAVE it is cursed
you will not live
you cannot escape

"Cursed...?" Alexandria squeeked. "Nothing good can come from this building. We should turn our heads to this building."

"We can't do that. We have a mission, we have orders. Weapons loaded? Let us clear this house. Americans fear no curses."

The End

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