Domicile of No Remorse: Ch. V

"I think I found some, sir." I whispered as I triped over the preliminary step.

"Alright, Chaine. Tonsworth, you lead the way. Your M1 Carbine would be awesome for close quarters."

And so Tonsworth listened to wear my voice was and felt his way over. Our eyes adjusted to the dark enough that we could barely see the figures of our comrades. I waved him over and he came.

"Alright, tread steadily and stay frosty." Tonsworth said already up the first few steps. Everyone filed in behind him; Honteyr directly behind. Those two are close friends. They watch eachother's back even more than the Captain, which you aren't supposed to do.

I was a few steps behind them, holding my Browning around my hip to save as much energy in my arms. Alexandria shuffled up beside me and seemed to stay as close as possible as we slowly walked up the staircase. Royith held up the rear.

"There's a door." Tonsworth whispered.

"Breach it slowly." Captain Royith commanded. "If it's anything like that other door, it will scratch and squeak."

"This one is metal, sir. Hardened, reinforced steel. It is going to make a ruckus."

"Go slowly." He said again.

"Why would anyone need a steel door?" Alexandria whispered in my ear. Her warm breathe sent my skin into a goosebump rampage as it collided with the wind-chilled room.

"To keep something safe, perhaps?" I whispered back. I could just tell what was going through Tonsworth's head: "Or to keep something locked up that shouldn't be let out." I'm glad he didn't or else Captain may have tied him up outside. Captain, I can tell, is starting to get flabbergasted with Tonsworth's mouth being always open talking about annoying myths.

The screech of the metal door cut off my thoughts and shot me back into reality. Damn it was loud. I saw a flamboyant blue light radiating from inside the small crack. I saw Tonsworth poke his head in through the door.

"We're all clear in here. A window is open and the moon is aiding our light problem. Finally we get a break."

Why did I get a feeling that he just jynxed our luck?

The End

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