Domicile of No Remorse: Ch. IV

The group went silent. Captain Royith took a deep breath and slowly opened the woorden door. The hinges squeaked horribly and the bottom of the door scraped harshly across the dry concrete flooring. Captain's Thompson was already peering in through the doorway, scouting for possible hostiles. He fully opened the door and took a knee. Everyone quickly scanned the room. It was empty and dusty, from what we could see. The moon was not at a helpful angle. No light could get in. Not much atleast.

"Tonsworth, Chaine, move in and find some lighting. Alexandria stay with me inside. Honteyr, hold here and watch our backs."

Our commands were given. I followed Tonsworth into the darkness, hoping my eyes would adjust to it. They did not prevail.

"Lighters." I said, pulling mine out from a pouch in my web belt.

"You were just reading my mind." He replied, doing the same as me. The weak flame aided us minimally, only being able to see a foot or so ahead of ourselves. We spread out along the walls trying to find a lightswitch. I went fairly quickly for we dont know what trap could be waiting in here. It might have been my paranoia, fearing the worst, but I thought I smelt the bitter scent of gasoline in the room.

I felt the cold, cracked walls, my arms shaking. No one noticed for it was dark and cold. Excuses.

"I found one." I said as my eyes jumped to it once the light revealed it. I flipped it but no lights overhead lit. "Damn, not working. You find one, Tonsworth?"

"Nope. Looks like the electricity is down here. Doesn't surprise me. Those things probably have night vision or something, eh?"

Captain walked in with Alexandria and Honteyr. "Quiet down! What's the matter with you guys. Having no electricity is but a miniscule ordeal. Our lighters will have to work."

"Perhaps we could make torches with some branches from the bordering tree line?" Alexandria suggested.

While the chatter continued, I heard, or I swear I heard, a moan. My paranoia gets to me sometimes. "Everyone, shut up!" I whispered harshly.

"What the hell was that?" Honteyr asked.

Looks like it wasn't my paranoia.

"A moan. A fient and subtle one." I replied. "Probably a sleeping Nazi. It came from upstairs."

"A sleeping Nazi is still a danger." Royith stated. "We must take all measures to not wake them up. Let's find some stairs."

The End

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